The 1993 Montreal Stanley Cup Riot occurred in Montreal, Canada on June 9, 1993 after the Montreal Canadiens won their 24th Stanley Cup.


People began pouring into the streets of Montreal and some of them began to commit acts of vandalism and violence while the Canadiens were celebrating inside the Montreal Forum.

In the epicentre of the riot on Saint Catherine Street, stores were looted and police cruisers were set ablaze.

The riot caused $2.5 million in damage and $3.7 million in 2016 dollars.

At the high point of the riot 980 officers were dispatched and they made 115 arrests.

The police reported 47 police cars damaged, 8 of those 47 cars were completely destroyed. Rioters were arrested after they broke windows, looted stores and set fires.

Some of the rioters were suspected of planning to loot stores, using the riot as a decoy. 168 people were injured, including 49 police officers.

Due to the Los Angeles Kings being the Canadiens' opponents, most of the Los Angeles news media (including the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News) also covered the riot; L.A. Times staff writer Helene Elliott was pressed into service as a news reporter minutes after the riot began.