The Third NHL All-Star Game took place at Maple Leaf Gardens (home of the Toronto Maple Leafs) on October 10, 1949.

For the third year in a row, the game saw the Maple Leafs play a team of NHL all-stars. The All-Stars won the game by a scored of 3–1, the same as the previous game.

Game SummaryEdit

NHL All-Stars Toronto Maple Leafs
Final score 3 1
Scoring summary
  • Goldham (Laprade), 18:03 1st (SHG)
  • Ronty (Goldham), 14:42 2nd (PPG)
  • D. Bentley (Quackenbush), 2:38 3rd (PPG)
  • Barilko (Watson, Gardner), 15:22 1st
  • Richard, 1st
  • Howe, 1st
  • Harmon, 2nd
  • Egan, 2nd
  • Meeker, 1st
  • Thomson, 1st
  • Thomson, 2nd
  • Boesch, 2nd
  • Smith, 2nd
Win/Loss W - Charlie Rayner L - Turk Broda
  • Referee: Bill Chadwick
  • Linesmen: Ed Mepham and Jim Primeau


NHL All-Stars Toronto Maple Leafs
Head coach Tommy Ivan (Detroit Red Wings) Hap Day (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Lineup Starting lineup: Starting lineup: