Colorado Avalanche–Detroit Red Wings Game 7 Edit

Avalanche–Red Wings Game 7 Box Score
1 2 3 Total
Colorado Avalanche 0 0 0 0
Detroit Red Wings 4 2 1 7
Date May 31, 2002
Arena Joe Louis Arena
City Detroit, Michigan,  United States
Attendance 19,983

The Avalanche–Red Wings Game 7 was a decisive game that occurred May 31, 2002, at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, United States, between two National Hockey League rivals, the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings. The game, which Red Wings won Avalanche 7-0.

Series Edit

In the heat of the Red Wings-Avalanche rivalry, Colorado was leading the all-time playoff series among the teams 3–1 leading up to the Western Conference Finals showdown in 2002. Colorado were the defending Stanley Cup champions, and Detroit were President's Trophy champions. Three games went in to overtime, with Colorado winning two of them. The Avalanche found themselves up in the series 3–2 leading up to game six at the Pepsi Center in Colorado.

Near the end of the first period while the game was deadlocked 0–0, Red Wings defensemen Nicklas Lidstrom took a shot on goal at Colorado goalie Patrick Roy which rebounded in front of Roy. Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman then shot the puck back on goal, where it rebounded once more, and he shot it again, where Roy seemed to corral it and make the save. Several Avalanche and Red Wings players converged on the goal, and Roy then stood up and raised his glove hand in the air in a "Statue of Liberty" pose, as if to say that he had made the save.

What Roy didn't realize is that he didn't have the puck in his glove. As he stood up, the puck fell out of his equipment, laying exposed in the open crease. Red Wings forward Brendan Shanahan then shot it in to the goal, giving the Red Wings a 1–0 lead. As soon as Roy realized what had happened, he slumped over. As Detroit went on to win the game 2–0, this goal served as the game winner.

Game 7 Edit

With Red Wings won Game 6, against Avalanche 2-0, Detroit had forced a Game 7 in Detroit Friday night. Detroit need to win to advance against Hurricanes. Detroit Red Wings won Colorado Avalanche 7-0, eventually winning the Cup.