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Bailey is the mascot for the Los Angeles Kings. He was named in honor of Garnet "Ace" Bailey who served as the Director of Pro Scouting for seven years before his death in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Bailey is the Kings' second mascot, the first was a snow leopard named Kingston in 1994.


Bailey is described as a six-foot lion (6 foot 4 inches with mane included) who wears No. 72 because it is the average temperature in Los Angeles.


For the 2009-10 season, the Kings partnered with Carl's Jr. to create a series of videos in which Kings organization members competed against Carl's Jr. organization members. The first installment in which Bailey appears is a spoof on Carl's Jr.'s commercials with Bailey replacing scantily clad actresses.

Since 2013, Bailey has been involved in a Twitter feud with former WWE superstar CM Punk, a Chicago native and die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan.

During the 2014 playoffs when the Blackhawks faced the Kings in the Western Conference Finals, the two made a bet on the series stating that the loser must upload a picture of themselves wearing the winning team's jersey.

Ultimately, Punk posted a picture of himself in front of the United Center in Chicago wearing a Kings jersey after the Kings eliminated the Blackhawks in seven games.

In the fall of 2014 during a Blackhawks-Kings game at Staples Center, Bailey jumped off his ATV and delivered an elbow drop to Punk in the backstage area in what was a rather comedic bit of their feud.