This is a complete list of ice hockey players who were drafted in the National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Colorado Avalanche franchise.

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos GP G A Pts PIM W L T OT GAA
1995125Denis, MarcMarc DenisTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 349066321121792833.02
1995251Beaudoin, NicNic BeaudoinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1995377Tripp, JohnJohn TrippTemplate:Country data GermanyRW 4327935
1995481Kallio, TomiTomi KallioFlag of Finland.svg FinlandRW 14024315548
19955129Johnson, BrentBrent JohnsonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 309010105214011213182.63
19956155Cirjak, JohnJohn CirjakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19957181Smith, DanDan SmithTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 2200016
19958207Hirvonen, TomiTomi HirvonenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandC
19959228George, ChrisChris GeorgeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1996125Ratchuk, PeterPeter RatchukFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 3211210
1996251Babenko, YuriYuri BabenkoTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data RussiaC 30000
1996379Parrish, MarkMark ParrishFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 722216171387246
1996498Storey, BenBen StoreyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19964107Petruk, RandyRandy PetrukFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19965134Curtin, LukeLuke CurtinFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19966146Willsie, BrianBrian WillsieTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 3815257109217
19966160Fischer, KaiKai FischerTemplate:Country data GermanyG
19967167Hinote, DanDan HinoteTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 503385290383
19967176Pahlsson, SamuelSamuel PahlssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC 79868131199356
19967188Pylner, RomanRoman PylnerFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC
19968214Scorsune, MattMatt ScorsuneFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19969240Clark, JustinJustin ClarkFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
1997126Grimes, KevinKevin GrimesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1997253Belak, GrahamGraham BelakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1997355Berry, RickRick BerryTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 19721315314
1997378Nieminen, VilleVille NieminenTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Finland.svg FinlandLW 3854869117333
1997487Larsen, BradBrad LarsenTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 294192948134
19975133Miskovich, AaronAaron MiskovichFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19976161Aebischer, DavidDavid AebischerTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data SwitzerlandG 21405530106741252.52
19978217Schmidt, DougDoug SchmidtFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19979243Kidney, KyleKyle KidneyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19979245Lafleur, StephenStephen LafleurFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1998112Tanguay, AlexAlex TanguayTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 1049277564841513
1998117Skoula, MartinMartin SkoulaTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD 77644152196328
1998119Regehr, RobynRobyn RegehrFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 108936163199972
1998120Parker, ScottScott ParkerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 30871421699
1998228Abid, RamziRamzi AbidFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 6814163078
1998238Sauve, PhilippePhilippe SauveTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 32000231014303.45
1998253Moore, SteveSteve MooreTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 69571241
1998379Lazarev, EvgenyEvgeny LazarevTemplate:Country data UkraineRW
19985141Timmons, K. C.K. C. TimmonsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19986167Riazantsev, AlexAlex RiazantsevTemplate:Country data RussiaD
1999125Kuleshov, MikhailMikhail KuleshovTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data RussiaLW 30000
1999245Grenier, MartinMartin GrenierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 1810114
1999393Radivojevic, BrankoBranko RadivojevicFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaRW 3935268120252
19994112Lindstrom, SannySanny LindstromFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
19994122Kovac, KristianKristian KovacFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaRW
19995142Magnuson, WillWill MagnusonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19995152Krestanovich, JordanJordan KrestanovichTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 220226
19996158Lovdahl, AndersAnders LovdahlFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC
19996183Hahl, RikuRiku HahlTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Finland.svg FinlandC 92581338
19997212Vrbata, RadimRadim VrbataTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicRW 911256289545260
19998240Finger, JeffJeff FingerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 199174057114
2000114Nedorost, VaclavVaclav NedorostTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC 9910102034
2000247Aulin, JaredJared AulinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 172240
2000250Soin, SergeiSergei SoinTemplate:Country data RussiaC
2000263Saviels, AgrisAgris SavielsTemplate:Country data LatviaD
2000388Sauer, KurtKurt SauerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 35752833250
2000392Klyazmin, SergeiSergei KlyazminTemplate:Country data RussiaLW
20004119Fahey, BrianBrian FaheyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 70112
20005159Liles, John-MichaelJohn-Michael LilesTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 76284269353272
20006189Bahen, ChrisChris BahenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20007221Molnar, AaronAaron MolnarFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
20008252Bootland, DarrylDarryl BootlandFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 3212385
20009266Kotary, SeanSean KotaryFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
20009285Ward, BlakeBlake WardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
2001263Budaj, PeterPeter BudajTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaG 2960101020124107362.76
2001397Bois, DannyDanny BoisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 10007
20014130King, ColtColt KingFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20015143Skladany, FrantisekFrantisek SkladanyFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaLW
20015144McCormick, CodyCody McCormickTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 405214465550
20015149Viitanen, MikkoMikko ViitanenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
20015165Emond, Pierre-LucPierre-Luc EmondFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20016184Horvath, ScottScott HorvathFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
20016196Stephens, CharlieCharlie StephensTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 80224
20017227Svatos, MarekMarek SvatosTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaRW 34410072172217
2002128Johansson, JonasJonas JohanssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenRW 10002
2002261Boychuk, JohnnyJohnny BoychukTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 4313193124229
2002394Lundberg, EricEric LundbergFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20024107Kalteva, MikkoMikko KaltevaFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
20024129Gilbert, TomTom GilbertFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 62843174217190
20025164Weiman, TylerTyler WeimanTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 100000000.00
20026195Christie, TaylorTaylor ChristieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20027227Steeves, RyanRyan SteevesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20028258Shemetov, SergeiSergei ShemetovTemplate:Country data RussiaLW
20029289Collins, SeanSean CollinsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
2003263Liffiton, DavidDavid LiffitonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 710126
20034131Svagrovsky, DavidDavid SvagrovskyFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicRW
20035146McCutcheon, MarkMark McCutcheonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
20035163Richardson, BradBrad RichardsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 55065100165279
20037204Videll, LinusLinus VidellFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW
20037225Hemingway, BrettBrett HemingwayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
20038257Yacboski, DarrylDarryl YacboskiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20039288Jones, DavidDavid JonesTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 42710185186118
2004121Wolski, WojtekWojtek WolskiTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 45199168267113
2004255Oreskovich, VictorVictor OreskovichFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 6727941
2004372Parshin, DenisDenis ParshinTemplate:Country data RussiaLW
20045154Demen-Willaume, RichardRichard Demen-WillaumeFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
20046184Peltier, DerekDerek PeltierTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 140002
20047215Keserich, IanIan KeserichFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
20048239Yip, BrandonBrandon YipTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 174292756130
20048249Corbin, J. D.J. D. CorbinFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
20049281McClellan, SteveSteve McClellanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
2005234Stoa, RyanRyan StoaTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 4043720
2005244Stastny, PaulPaul StastnyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 640179343522310
2005247Fritsche, TomTom FritscheFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
2005252Durand, ChrisChris DurandFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2005388Hensick, T. J.T. J. HensickTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 11212263818
20054124Macias, RayRay MaciasTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 80112
20056166Lynch, JasonJason LynchFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20056168Mercier, JustinJustin MercierTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 91120
20057222Cumiskey, KyleKyle CumiskeyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 1399263548
2006118Stewart, ChrisChris StewartTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 498135141276571
2006251Williams, NigelNigel WilliamsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
2006259Burki, CodeyCodey BurkiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2006381Carman, MikeMike CarmanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
20064110Montgomery, KevinKevin MontgomeryFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20067201Sauer, BillyBilly SauerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
2007114Shattenkirk, KevinKevin ShattenkirkTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 37349174223220
2007245Cohen, ColbyColby CohenTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 30004
2007249Cann, TrevorTrevor CannFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
2007255Galiardi, T. J.T. J. GaliardiTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 3214461105136
20074105Malone, BradBrad MaloneTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 150131629157
20074113Patterson, KentKent PattersonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
20075135Carey, PaulPaul CareyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 230110
20076155Hellgren, JensJens HellgrenFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
20077195Alcen, JohanJohan AlcenFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC
2008250Gaunce, CameronCameron GaunceTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 2010123
2008261Delmas, PeterPeter DelmasFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
20084110Tessier, KelseyKelsey TessierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20085140Olver, MarkMark OlverTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 7410122239
20086167Chouinard, JoelJoel ChouinardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20086170Holos, JonasJonas HolosTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data NorwayD 3906610
20087200Condon, NathanNathan CondonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
200913Duchene, MattMatt DucheneTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 461145207352112
2009233O'Reilly, RyanRyan O'ReillyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 46810717428170
2009249Elliott, StefanStefan ElliottTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 828162416
2009364Barrie, TysonTyson BarrieTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 224349913366
20095124Millan, KieranKieran MillanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
20096154Maxwell, BrandonBrandon MaxwellFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
20097184Young, GusGus YoungFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
2010117Hishon, JoeyJoey HishonTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 131120
2010249Pickard, CalvinCalvin PickardTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 2000007732.45
2010371Bournival, MichaelMichael BournivalFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 891091922
2010495Silas, StephenStephen SilasFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20104107Aittokallio, SamiSami AittokallioTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Finland.svg FinlandG 200000103.37
20105137Rutkowski, TroyTroy RutkowskiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20105139Walker, LukeLuke WalkerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
20107197Moffatt, LukeLuke MoffattFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
201112Landeskog, GabrielGabriel LandeskogTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW 31990133223265
2011111Siemens, DuncanDuncan SiemensTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 10000
2011493Nermark, JoachimJoachim NermarkFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC
20115123Meurs, GarrettGarrett MeursFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20116153Beaupre, GabrielGabriel BeaupreFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20117183Donnelly, DillonDillon DonnellyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
2012241Heard, MitchellMitchell HeardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2012372Bourke, TroyTroy BourkeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20125132Clarke, MichaelMichael ClarkeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20126162Blandisi, JosephJoseph BlandisiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20127192Smith, ColinColin SmithFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
201311MacKinnon, NathanNathan MacKinnonTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 188528413676
2013232Bigras, ChrisChris BigrasFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
2013363Martin, SpencerSpencer MartinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
2013493Geertsen, MasonMason GeertsenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20135123Butcher, WillWill ButcherFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20136153Storm, BenBen StormFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20137183Westlund, WilhelmWilhelm WestlundFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
2014123Bleackley, ConnerConner BleackleyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2014384Wood, KyleKyle WoodFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
2014493Magyar, NicholasNicholas MagyarFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
20144114Pepin, AlexisAlexis PepinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20145144Lindholm, AntonAnton LindholmFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
20146174Pajpach, MaximilianMaximilian PajpachFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaG
20147204Nantel, JulienJulien NantelFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
2015110Rantanen, MikkoMikko RantanenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandRW
2015239Greer, A. J.A. J. GreerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
2015240Meloche, NicolasNicolas MelocheFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
2015371Beaudin, Jean-ChristopheJean-Christophe BeaudinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20154101Mironov, AndreiAndrei MironovTemplate:Country data RussiaD
20156161Boikov, SergeiSergei BoikovTemplate:Country data RussiaD
20157191Olhaver, GustavGustav OlhaverFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC
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