This is a complete list of ice hockey players who were drafted in the National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Dallas Stars.

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos GP G A Pts PIM W L T OT GAA
199319Harvey, ToddTodd HarveyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 67191132223950
1993235Langenbrunner, JamieJamie LangenbrunnerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 1109243420663837
1993487Lang, ChadChad LangFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19936136Mrozik, RickRick MrozikFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 20000
19936139Svartvadet, PerPer SvartvadetFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenRW 24717345158
19937165Stasiuk, JeremyJeremy StasiukFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19938191Lurtsema, RobRob LurtsemaFlag of the United States.svg United StatesW
199310243Willis, JordanJordan WillisTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 100000103.16
199310249Lang, BillBill LangFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
199311269Peterson, CoryCory PetersonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1993S9Joubert, JacquesJacques JoubertFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
1994120Botterill, JasonJason BotterillTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 88591489
1994246Jinman, LeeLee JinmanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1994498Wright, JamieJamie WrightTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 12412203254
19945124Turco, MartyMarty TurcoTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 5430222216827516726402.36
19946150Petrochinin, EvgenyEvgeny PetrochininTemplate:Country data RussiaD
19949228Flichel, MartyMarty FlichelFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
199410254Roy, JimmyJimmy RoyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
199411280Szysky, ChrisChris SzyskyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1995111Iginla, JaromeJarome IginlaFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 14366016481249954
1995237Cote, PatrickPatrick CoteTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 105123377
1995363Buzek, PetrPetr BuzekTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD 1579223194
1995369Gusev, SergeiSergei GusevTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data RussiaD 894101434
19955115Strand, WadeWade StrandFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19956141Marleau, DominicDominic MarleauFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19957173Dewar, JeffJeff DewarFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19958193Koveshnikov, AnatoliAnatoli KoveshnikovTemplate:Country data UkraineC
19958202Luchinkin, SergeiSergei LuchinkinTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
19959219Lowe, SteveSteve LoweFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
199615Jackman, RichardRichard JackmanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 231195877166
1996370Sim, JonJon SimTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 4697564139314
1996490Hurley, MikeMike HurleyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19965112Christie, RyanRyan ChristieTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 70000
19965113Tsybuk, EvgenyEvgeny TsybukTemplate:Country data RussiaD
19967166McInerney, EoinEoin McInerneyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19968194Kwiatkowski, JoelJoel KwiatkowskiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 282162945245
19969220Bootland, NickNick BootlandFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1997125Morrow, BrendenBrenden MorrowTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 9912653105751362
1997252Lyashenko, RomanRoman LyashenkoTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data RussiaC 1391492355
1997377Gainey, SteveSteve GaineyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 3302234
19974105Kristoffersson, MarcusMarcus KristofferssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW
19975132Elomo, TeemuTeemu ElomoFlag of Finland.svg FinlandLW
19976160Timkin, AlexeiAlexei TimkinTemplate:Country data RussiaLW
19977189McKercher, JeffJeff McKercherFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19978216Komarov, AlexeiAlexei KomarovTemplate:Country data RussiaD
19979242McLean, BrettBrett McLeanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 38556106162204
1998239Erskine, JohnJohn ErskineTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 491153954865
1998257Bouck, TylerTyler BouckTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 91481293
1998386Karlsson, GabrielGabriel KarlssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW
19986153Patera, PavelPavel PateraTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC 322798
19986173Kapanen, NikoNiko KapanenTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Finland.svg FinlandC 3973690126160
19987200Perry, ScottScott PerryFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
1999232Ryan, MichaelMichael RyanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 83781534
1999266Jancevski, DanDan JancevskiTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 90002
1999396Tjarnqvist, MathiasMathias TjarnqvistTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenRW 17313193260
19994126Bateman, JeffJeff BatemanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19995156Baumgartner, GregorGregor BaumgartnerTemplate:Country data AustriaRW
19996184Cox, JustinJustin CoxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19996186Draney, BrettBrett DraneyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19997215MacMillan, JeffJeff MacMillanTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 40000
19998243Sullivan, BrianBrian SullivanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19999265Chamberlain, JamieJamie ChamberlainFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19999272Donika, MikhailMikhail DonikaTemplate:Country data RussiaD
2000125Ott, SteveSteve OttTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 7951061752811475
2000260Ellis, DanDan EllisTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 212066687790182.79
2000368Lundqvist, JoelJoel LundqvistTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC 1347192656
2000391Tereshchenko, AlexeiAlexei TereshchenkoTemplate:Country data RussiaC
20004123Khomitsky, VadimVadim KhomitskyTemplate:Country data RussiaD
20005139Bernikov, RuslanRuslan BernikovTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
20005162Chernov, ArtemArtem ChernovTemplate:Country data RussiaC
20006192Vlcek, LadislavLadislav VlcekFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC
20007219Tuokko, MarcoMarco TuokkoFlag of Finland.svg FinlandLW
20007224Miettinen, AnttiAntti MiettinenTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Finland.svg FinlandRW 53997133230234
2001125Bacashihua, JasonJason BacashihuaFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 38011271743.19
2001370Hagos, YaredYared HagosFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC
2001392Aquino, AnthonyAnthony AquinoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
20014126Volrab, DanielDaniel VolrabFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC
20015161Smith, MikeMike SmithTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 4091101193171168502.69
20016167Blazek, MichalMichal BlazekFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD
20016192Jokinen, JussiJussi JokinenTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Finland.svg FinlandLW 784165318483308
20018255Rosa, MarcoMarco RosaFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20019265Sullivan, DaleDale SullivanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
20019285Tomica, MarekMarek TomicaFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicLW
2002126Vagner, MartinMartin VagnerFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD
2002232Vas, JanosJanos VasTemplate:Country data HungaryLW
2002234Stephan, TobiasTobias StephanTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data SwitzerlandG 1101101323.49
2002242Holtet, MariusMarius HoltetTemplate:Country data NorwayC
2002243Daley, TrevorTrevor DaleyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 79868172240521
2002378Waugh, GeoffGeoff WaughFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20024110Immonen, JarkkoJarkko ImmonenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandF
20025147Bararuk, DavidDavid BararukFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20026180Sidorenko, KirillKirill SidorenkoTemplate:Country data RussiaC
20027210Hamm, BryanBryan HammFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20028243Mikkonen, TuomasTuomas MikkonenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandLW
20029273Havern, NedNed HavernFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
2003233Eriksson, LouiLoui ErikssonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW 684196279475138
2003236Polak, VojtechVojtech PolakTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicRW 50000
2003254Crombeen, B. J.B. J. CrombeenTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 445344680850
2003399Nickerson, MattMatt NickersonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20034134Naurov, AlexanderAlexander NaurovTemplate:Country data RussiaLW
20035144Kilpelainen, EeroEero KilpelainenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandG
20035165Guyer, GinoGino GuyerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
20036185Wathier, FrancisFrancis WathierTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 100005
20036195Bagnall, DrewDrew BagnallFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 20004
20036196Granath, EliasElias GranathFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
20038259Vainio, NikoNiko VainioFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
2004128Fistric, MarkMark FistricTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 32533134284
2004234Fransson, JohanJohan FranssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
2004252Sawada, RaymondRaymond SawadaTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 111010
2004256Grossmann, NicklasNicklas GrossmannTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 566137386300
2004386Lammers, JohnJohn LammersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20044104Naslund, FredrikFredrik NaslundFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW
20046183Ludwig, TrevorTrevor LudwigFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20047218Kukushkin, SergeiSergei KukushkinTemplate:Country data BelarusLW
20048248Vomela, LukasLukas VomelaFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD
20049280McKnight, MattMatt McKnightFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2005128Niskanen, MattMatt NiskanenTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 61541175216327
2005233Neal, JamesJames NealTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 523199177376451
2005371Clune, RichardRichard CluneFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 12271118310
2005375Lindgren, PerttuPerttu LindgrenTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Finland.svg FinlandC 10000
20055146Wandell, TomTom WandellTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC 22920234352
20055160Watkins, MattMatt WatkinsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 10000
20057223McGann, PatPat McGannFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
2006127Vishnevskiy, IvanIvan VishnevskiyTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data RussiaD 50222
2006390Snow, AaronAaron SnowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20064120Bachman, RichardRichard BachmanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 420110181422.93
20065138McIntyre, DavidDavid McIntyreFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 71122
20065150Warn, MaxMax WarnFlag of Finland.svg FinlandLW
2007250Sacchetti, NicoNico SacchettiFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
2007364Korostin, SergeiSergei KorostinTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
20074112Sceviour, ColtonColton SceviourTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 14022295125
20075128Smith, AustinAustin SmithFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
20075129Benn, JamieJamie BennTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 470176236412363
20075136Roman, OndrejOndrej RomanFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicLW
20075149Neal, MichaelMichael NealFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20076172Gazdic, LukeLuke GazdicFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 134538192
2008259Beskorowany, TylerTyler BeskorowanyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
2008389Winkler, ScottScott WinklerTemplate:Country data NorwayC
20085149Larsen, PhilipPhilip LarsenTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data DenmarkD 1258233142
20086176Tassone, MattMatt TassoneFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20087209Bergin, MikeMike BerginFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
200918Glennie, ScottScott GlennieTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 10002
2009238Chiasson, AlexAlex ChiassonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 202324173132
2009369Smith, ReillyReilly SmithTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 246487512352
20095129Vincour, TomasTomas VincourTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC 957101712
20096159McKenzie, CurtisCurtis McKenzieTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 3741548
2010111Campbell, JackJack CampbellTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 100000106.00
2010241Nemeth, PatrikPatrik NemethTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 3904416
2010377Guptill, AlexAlex GuptillFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20104109Theriau, AlexAlex TheriauFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20105131Klingberg, JohnJohn KlingbergTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 10917617846
2011114Oleksiak, JamieJamie OleksiakTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 701111245
2011244Ritchie, BrettBrett RitchieTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 3163912
20114105Molin, EmilEmil MolinFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC
20115135Vance, TroyTroy VanceFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20116165Stransky, MatejMatej StranskyFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicRW
20117195Jokipakka, JyrkiJyrki JokipakkaTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD 841141512
2012113Faksa, RadekRadek FaksaTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC 1812310
2012243Bystrom, LudwigLudwig BystromFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
2012254Winther, MikeMike WintherFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2012261Shore, DevinDevin ShoreTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 30000
2012374Lindell, EsaEsa LindellFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
20124104Smith, GemelGemel SmithFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20125134Troock, BrandonBrandon TroockFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
20125144Kiviaho, HenriHenri KiviahoFlag of Finland.svg FinlandG
20127183Sinitsyn, DmitriDmitri SinitsynTemplate:Country data RussiaD
2013110Nichushkin, ValeriValeri NichushkinTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data RussiaRW 12820305016
2013129Dickinson, JasonJason DickinsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2013240Elie, RemiRemi ElieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
2013254Desrosiers, PhilippePhilippe DesrosiersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
2013368Hansson, NiklasNiklas HanssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
20134101Paul, NickNick PaulFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20135131Ully, ColeCole UllyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20135149Paulovic, MatejMatej PaulovicFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaLW
20137182Makela, AleksiAleksi MakelaFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
2014114Honka, JuliusJulius HonkaFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
2014245Pollock, BrettBrett PollockFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
2014375Peters, AlexanderAlexander PetersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20144105Prapavessis, MichaelMichael PrapavessisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20144115Moran, BrentBrent MoranFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
20145135Karjalainen, MiroMiro KarjalainenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
20146154Haydon, AaronAaron HaydonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20146165Nyberg, JohnJohn NybergFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
20147195Sanvido, PatrickPatrick SanvidoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
2015112Guryanov, DenisDenis GuryanovTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
2015249Hintz, RoopeRoope HintzFlag of Finland.svg FinlandLW
20154103Martenet, ChrisChris MartenetFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20155133Cecconi, JosephJoseph CecconiFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20156163Ruusu, MarkusMarkus RuusuFlag of Finland.svg FinlandG