The Good Friday Massacre was a second-round playoff match-up during the 1984 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The game occurred on Good Friday, April 20, 1984 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada between the Quebec Nordiques and the Montreal Canadiens at the Montreal Forum. There were over 18,090 people in attendance at the game.


The game was broadcast on CBC Television and Télévision de Radio-Canada in Canada and on the USA Network in the United States.

Game RecapEdit

After a number of fights, a bench-clearing brawl broke out near the end of the second period.

When the teams returned to ice for the extended third period, as they were warming up, a second brawl broke out between the teams (including players who had already been ejected from the game but had not been notified prior to their return to the ice). The officials had to be summoned to the rink to restore order.

Referee Bruce Hood was late in announcing the penalties as the third period began, and the players reassembled on the ice.

As a consequence, a second brawl erupted and lasted until the players left once more. Hood was roundly criticized for his handling of the fight and eventually retired after the playoffs that year, doing so amidst speculation that his retirement occurred at the behest of NHL officials.

A total of 252 penalty minutes were incurred and 11 players were ejected.

Amongst the fourteen altercations at the end of the second period were the Canadiens' Mario Tremblay smashing the nose of the Nordiques' Peter Stastny and Louis Sleigher knocking Jean Hamel unconscious by hitting him in the eye.

Hamel managed to return for training camp in the autumn of 1984, but he sustained another eye injury in Montreal's last pre-season game which prompted him to retire.


When the brawl took place, the Canadiens were trailing 1-0.

They came back to score all five of their goals in the third period to defeat the Nordiques that night by a score of 5-3, thereby winning the series 4 games to 2.

However, the Canadiens were defeated in the Prince of Wales Conference Finals by the New York Islanders in six games.

Game SummaryEdit

Scoring Summary
Period Team Goal Assist(s) Time Score
1st QUE Peter Stastny (2) (PP) Jean-Francois Sauve (1), Anton Stastny (4) 5:12 1–0 QUE
3rd QUE Michel Goulet (2) (PP)   2:02 2–0 QUE
MTL Steve Shutt (3) Bobby Smith (2), Pierre Mondou (2) 6:23 2-1 QUE
MTL Steve Shutt (4) Mats Naslund (6) 9:11 2-2
MTL Rick Green (1) Bobby Smith (3) 12:14 3-2 MTL
MTL John Chabot (1) Guy Lafleur (2), Mats Naslund (2) 13:27 4-2 MTL
MTL Guy Carbonneau (3) Ryan Walter (2) 14:28 5-2 MTL
QUE Wilf Paiement (3) Jean-Francois Sauve (2), Alain Cote (2) 16:51 5-3 MTL
(Number in parenthesis represents the player's total in goals or assists to that point of the playoffs)
Penalty summary
Period Team Player Penalty Time PIM
1st QUE Wilf Paiement   0:23 5:00
MTL Mike McPhee   0:23 5:00
QUE Michel Goulet   2:48 2:00
MTL Bobby Smith   2:48 2:00
MTL Craig Ludwig   4:18 2:00
MTL Jean Hamel   5:01 2:00
QUE Wally Weir   9:51 2:00
QUE Blake Wesley   11:52 2:00
QUE Pat Price   17:23 2:00
MTL Chris Nilan   17:23 2:00
QUE Mario Marois   20:00 2:00
2nd QUE Michel Goulet   3:52 2:00
MTL Chris Chelios   15:20 2:00
QUE Dale Hunter   15:20 2:00
QUE Dale Hunter   17:30 2:00
MTL Rick Green   17:30 2:00
QUE Anton Stastny   17:50 5:00
MTL Craig Ludwig   17:50 5:00
QUE André Doré   18:44 2:00
MTL Bobby Smith   19:48 2:00
QUE Dale Hunter Roughing (double minor), Game misconduct 20:00 24:00
MTL Guy Carbonneau   20:00 5:00
MTL Jean Hamel Fighting, Game misconduct 20:00 25:00
MTL Mike McPhee Fighting, Game misconduct 20:00 25:00
MTL Mario Tremblay Fighting, Game misconduct 20:00 25:00
MTL Richard Sevigny Fighting, Game misconduct 20:00 25:00
QUE Wally Weir Fighting, Game misconduct 20:00 25:00
QUE Peter Stasny Fighting, Game misconduct 20:00 25:00
QUE Louis Sleigher Fighting, Game misconduct 20:00 25:00
QUE Clint Malarchuk Fighting, Game misconduct 20:00 25:00
QUE Randy Moller Fighting, Misconduct (10 minutes), Game misconduct 20:00 35:00
MTL Chris Nilan Fighting (double major), Misconduct (10 minutes), Game misconduct 20:00 40:00
3rd QUE Michel Goulet   6:46 2:00
Period 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Quebec 8 9 7 24
Montreal 11 8 7 26
Power Play Opportunities
Quebec 1/5
Montreal 0/6

Three Star Selections
Team Player Statistics
1st MTL Steve Shutt 2 Goals
2nd MTL Mats Naslund 1 Assist
3rd MTL Chris Chelios
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