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==Personal Life==
==Personal Life==
John and his wife Valerie have three daughters, Kennedy and twins Karlyn and Kortland.
Unwilling to spend so much time away from his family, he left the Lightning in 1999 and settled in the Atlanta area, joining his brother's car dealership in Jonesboro, Georgia. He had always expected to become a car dealer after his hockey career, as his father, uncles and brother all worked in the industry.
After apprenticing under his brother for five years, John bought a Dodge dealership in Newnan, Georgia in 2007, however, he owned the dealership for less than two years before Chrysler closed him down as part of its recovery plan in response to the Automotive Industry Crisis of 2008–2010. He has since returned to his brother's dealership, serving as its general manager.
John's battle with cancer inspired Timm Harmon of the Moffitt Cancer Centre to partner with the Lightning to raise awareness and money for cancer research.
The NHL itself joined the cause in the winter of 1998, creating the [[Hockey Fights Cancer]] program to raise money for research. He has spent time promoting the initiative.
Prior to marrying his wife Valerie, John dated Carolyn Bessette (the future wife of John F. Kennedy, Jr.); the two met while attending University in Boston.
[[Category:1964 births]]
[[Category:1964 births]]
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[[Category:Buffalo Sabres draft picks]]

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