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This is a list of African-American National Hockey League (NHL) players past and present.

Nat. Name Birthplace Pos Seasons Teams Played Ethnicity
Canada Akim Aliu Okene, Nigeria RW 2011–2013 CGY Nigerian-Ukrainian
Canada Darren Archibald Newmarket, ON RW 2013–2014 VAN Afro-Canadian
United States Justin Bailey Buffalo, NY RW 2015–present BUF Bi-racial
Canada Darren Banks Toronto, ON LW 1992–1994 BOS
Canada Nicholas Baptiste Ottawa, ON RW 2016–present BUF Haitian
Canada Chris Beckford-Tseu Toronto, ON G 2007–2008 STL Jamaican-Chinese
Canada Shawn Belle Edmonton, AB D 2006–2011 MIN, MTL, EDM, COL
Template:Country data FRA Pierre-Edouard Bellemare Le Blanc-Mesnil, France LW 2014–present PHI Bi-racial, Martiniquais
Canada Paul Bissonnette Welland, ON LW 2008–2014 PIT, PHX Bi-racial
United States Francis Bouillon New York City, NY D 1999–2014 MTL, NSH Haitian-French
United States Donald Brashear Bedford, IN LW 1993–2010 MTL, VAN, PHI, WSH, NYR African-French
Canada Fred Brathwaite Ottawa, ON G 1993–2004 EDM, CGY, STL, CBJ Barbadian
United States J.T. Brown Burnsville, MN RW 2011–present TBL Bi-racial
Canada Sean Brown Oshawa, ON D 1996–2006 EDM, BOS, NJD, VAN
United States Dustin Byfuglien Roseau, MN D 2005–present CHI, ATL, WPG African-Norwegian
Canada Anson Carter Toronto, ON RW 1996–2007 BOS, WSH, EDM, NYR, LAK, CAR, VAN, CBJ Barbadian
United States Gerald Coleman Romeoville, IL G 2005–2006 TBL
Canada John Craighead Vancouver, BC RW 1996–1997 TOR
Canada Dale Craigwell Toronto, ON C 1991–1994 SJS
Canada Trevor Daley Toronto, ON D 2003–present DAL, CHI, PIT Bi-racial, Jamaican
Canada / Template:Country data KAZ Nigel Dawes Winnipeg, MB LW 2006–2011 NYR, PHX, CGY, ATL, MTL Bi-racial, Jamaican
Canada Jason Doig Montreal, QC D 1995–2004 WIN, PHX, NYR, WSH Jamaican
Canada Anthony Duclair Pointe-Claire, QC LW 2014–present NYR, ARI Haitian
United States Robbie Earl Chicago, IL LW 2007–2011 TOR, MIN African American
Canada Ray Emery Hamilton, ON G 2002–2015 OTT, PHI, ANA, CHI Bi-racial
United States Emerson Etem Long Beach, CA RW 2012–present ANA, NYR, VAN Bi-racial
Canada Steven Fletcher Montreal, QC LW/D 1987–1989 MTL, WIN
Canada Maxime Fortunus Longueuil, QC D 2009–2014 DAL Haitian
Canada Mark Fraser Ottawa, ON D 2006–present NJD, TOR, EDM Bi-racial, Jamaican
Canada Grant Fuhr Spruce Grove, AB G 1981–2000 EDM, TOR, BUF, LAK, STL, CGY Bi-racial
Canada Joaquin Gage Vancouver, BC G 1994–2001 EDM
Canada Tyrone Garner Stoney Creek, ON G 1998–1999 CGY
Template:Country data FIN Christopher Gibson Karkkila, Finland G 2015–present NYI Saint Lucian-Finnish
Canada Dirk Graham Regina, SK RW 1983–1995 MNS, CHI Bi-racial, Afro-Canadian
Canada Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre Montreal, QC D 1998–2004 BUF, CBJ, WSH, ATL Haitian
United States Mike Grier Detroit, MI RW 1996–2011 EDM, WSH, SJS, BUF African American
Canada Jarome Iginla Edmonton, AB RW 1996–present CGY, PIT, BOS, COL Bi-racial, Nigerian
United States Val James Ocala, FL LW 1981–1987 BUF, TOR
Canada Paul Jerrard Winnipeg, MB D 1988–1989 MNS Bi-racial, Jamaican
Canada Brian Johnson Montreal, QC RW 1983–1984 DET
United States Justin Johnson Anchorage, AK RW 2013–2014 NYI
United States Seth Jones Arlington, Texas D 2013–present NSH, CBJ Bi-racial
Canada Derek Joslin Richmond Hill, ON D 2008–2013 SJS, CAR, VAN Bi-racial
Canada Evander Kane Vancouver, BC LW 2009–present ATL, WPG, BUF Bi-racial
Template:Country data SWE Oliver Kylington Stockholm, Sweden D 2016–present CGY Swedish-Eritrean
Canada Nathan LaFayette New Westminster, BC C 1993–1999 STL, VAN, NYR, LAK
Canada Georges Laraque Montreal, QC RW 1997–2010 EDM, PIT, PHX, MTL Haitian
Canada Darren Lowe Toronto, ON RW 1983–1984 PIT Afro-Canadian
Canada Mike Marson Scarborough, ON LW 1974–1980 WSH, LAK
Canada Craig Martin Amherst, NS RW 1994–1997 WIN, FLA Afro-Canadian
United States Greg Mauldin Holliston, MA C 2003–2011 CBJ, NYI, COL African American
Canada Jamal Mayers Toronto, ON RW 1996–2013 STL, TOR, CGY, SJS, CHI Bi-racial, Barbadian
Canada Kenndal McArdle Toronto, ON LW 2008–2012 FLA, WPG Trinidadian
Canada Sandy McCarthy Toronto, ON RW 1993–2004 CGY, TBL, PHI, CAR, NYR, BOS Black-Mi'kmaq
United States Mike McHugh Bowdoin, ME LW 1988–1992 MNS, SJS
Canada Tony McKegney Montreal, QC LW 1978–1991 BUF, QUE, MNS, NYR, STL, DET, CHI Bi-racial, Nigerian
Canada Sean McMorrow Vancouver, BC LW 2002–2003 BUF
Canada Rumun Ndur Zaria, Nigeria D 1996–2000 BUF, NYR, ATL Nigerian
Canada Ray Neufeld St. Boniface, MB RW 1979–1990 HAR, WIN, BOS
Canada Darnell Nurse Hamilton, ON D 2014–present EDM Bi-racial, Trinidadian
Template:Country data SWE Johnny Oduya Stockholm, Sweden D 2006–present NJD, ATL, WPG, CHI, DAL Bi-racial, Kenyan
United States Kyle Okposo St. Paul, MN RW 2007–present NYI, BUF Bi-racial, Nigerian
Canada Willie O'Ree Fredericton, NB W 1957–1961 BOS Afro-Canadian
Canada Theo Peckham Richmond Hill, ON D 2007–2013 EDM Bi-racial
Canada Ryan Reaves Winnipeg, MB RW 2010–present STL Bi-racial
Canada Pokey Reddick Halifax, NS G 1986–1994 WIN, EDM, FLA
Canada Bill Riley Amherst, NS RW 1974–1980 WSH, WIN Afro-Canadian
Canada Nathan Robinson Scarborough, ON C 2003–2006 DET, BOS
Canada Bryce Salvador Brandon, MB D 2000–2015 STL, NJD Afro-Brazilian-Ukrainian
Canada Bernie Saunders Montreal, QC LW 1979–1981 QUE
Canada Reggie Savage Montreal, QC C 1990–1994 WSH, QUE Jamaican
Canada Wayne Simmonds Scarborough, ON RW 2008–present LAK, PHI
Canada Devante Smith-Pelly Scarborough, ON RW 2011–present ANA, MTL, NJD
Canada Gemel Smith Toronto, ON C 2016–present DAL
Canada Anthony Stewart LaSalle, QC RW 2005–2012 FLA, ATL, CAR Bi-racial, Jamaican
Canada Chris Stewart Toronto, ON RW 2008–present COL, STL, BUF, MIN, ANA Bi-racial, Jamaican
Canada Malcolm Subban Toronto, ON G 2014–present BOS Jamaican-Montserratian
Canada P.K. Subban Toronto, ON D 2009–present MTL, NSH Jamaican-Montserratian
Canada Graeme Townshend Kingston, Jamaica RW 1989–1994 BOS, NYI, OTT Jamaican
Canada Claude Vilgrain Port-au-Prince, Haiti RW 1987–1994 VAN, NJD, PHI Haitian
Canada Joel Ward North York, ON RW 2006–present MIN, NSH, WSH, SJS Barbadian
Canada Kevin Weekes Toronto, ON G 1997–2009 FLA, VAN, NYI, TBL, CAR, NYR, NJD Barbadian
Canada Peter Worrell Pierrefonds, QC LW 1997–2004 FLA, COL Barbadian


  • Names in italics have won the Stanley Cup.
  • Bold: organization by which player is currently employed

*: Yet played an NHL game for their respective team