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Stanley Cup playoffs[]

Beginning in the 1967–68 season, the National Hockey League expanded from six teams to 12.

Year Round Series Games covered Play-by-play Colour commentator(s)
1968 Quarterfinals Montréal-Boston Games 1–4 (Games 1–2 joined-in-progress)[1] Danny Gallivan Dick Irvin Jr.
New York Rangers-Chicago Game 6 (joined-in-progress) Bill Hewitt Brian McFarlane
Semifinals Montréal-Chicago Games 1–5 (Games 1–4 joined-in-progress) Danny Gallivan Dick Irvin Jr.
St. Louis-Minnesota Games 6–7 (Game 6 joined-in-progress) Bill Hewitt Brian McFarlane
1969 Quarterfinals Montréal-New York Rangers Games 1–4 Danny Gallivan Dick Irvin Jr.
Boston-Toronto Games 1–4 Bill Hewitt Brian McFarlane
Semifinals Montréal-Boston Games 1–6[2][3] Danny Gallivan Dick Irvin Jr.


  • 1967–68 marked the first full season that all Hockey Night in Canada games (regular season and playoffs) were televised in color. Some 1966-67 games, including the Stanley Cup Finals, were also televised in color. Also, during this time Toronto and Montréal alternated each week hosting the show that was seen nationally, whichever is more competitive. The opposite game was then downgraded to regional status for airing in Ontario or Quebec only. Ward Cornell hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto or the Montreal Canadiens games at the Montreal Forum, whichever is game is televised nationally. Jack Dennett hosts the opposite game that was downgraded to airing in Ontario or Quebec.

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