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Throughout this period, Hockey Night in Canada studio shows were still originate on-site. Dave Hodge hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, and Dick Irvin Jr. hosted the Montreal Canadiens games and The Fisher Report at the Forum in Montreal with analyst Red Fisher. Steve Armitage hosts the Vancouver Canucks games, and Chris Cuthbert hosted the games in Western Canada - either the Calgary Flames, or the Oilers. Brian McFarlane hosted the Winnipeg Jets or Montreal Canadiens games, or telecasts in the United States later in the decade. This allowed for on-air talent, including commentators for the show, and their guests (often ex-players or active players) to provide further insights of the games. Since the 1987 playoffs, Ron MacLean and Don Cherry hosted Coach's Corner, a show that was broadcast across Canada. For the Stanley Cup Finals, the program originates on-site.

Stanley Cup playoffs

Year Round Series Games covered Play-by-play Colour commentator(s)
1980 First round Philadelphia-Edmonton Games 1, 3 Bob Cole (in Philadelphia)
Don Wittman (in Edmonton)
Gary Dornhoefer
Buffalo-Vancouver Games 1–4[1] Don Wittman (in Buffalo)
Jim Robson (in Vancouver)
Gerry Pinder (in Buffalo)
Howie Meeker (in Vancouver)
Montréal-Hartford Games 1, 3 Danny Gallivan Mickey Redmond and Dick Irvin Jr.
Boston-Pittsburgh Game 5[2] Jim Robson Gary Dornhoefer
Minnesota-Toronto Games 1, 3[3][4] Bill Hewitt (in Minnesota)
Bob Cole (in Toronto)
Brian McFarlane (in Minnesota)
Gerry Pinder (in Toronto)
Quarterfinals Montréal-Minnesota Games 1–7[5][6][7] Danny Gallivan Gary Dornhoefer and Dick Irvin Jr.
Semifinals Philadelphia-Minnesota Games 4–5[8][9][10] Dan Kelly (first half of Game 4)
Jim Robson (second half of Game 4)
Don Wittman (Game 5)
Gerry Pinder and Howie Meeker (Game 4)
Dick Irvin Jr. (Game 5)
Buffalo-New York Islanders Games 1–3, 6[11][12][13][14] Bob Cole (Games 1–2; first half of Game 6)
Jim Robson (first half of Game 3)
Dan Kelly (2nd half of Games 3 and 6)
Gary Dornhoefer (Games 1–2, 6)
Gerry Pinder (Game 3)
1981 First round New York Islanders-Toronto Games 1–3[15][16] Bill Hewitt (in New York)
Bob Cole (in Toronto)
Howie Meeker and Brian McFarlane (in New York)
Gary Dornhoefer, Gerry Pinder and Chico Resch (in Toronto)
Montréal-Edmonton Games 1–3[17] Danny Gallivan Mickey Redmond and Dick Irvin Jr.
Buffalo-Vancouver Games 1–3 Don Wittman (in Buffalo)
Jim Robson (in Vancouver)
Gerry Pinder (in Buffalo)
Howie Meeker (in Vancouver)
Philadelphia-Québec Games 4–5[18][19][20] Bob Cole Gary Dornhoefer
Calgary-Chicago Games 1–3 Bob Cole (in Calgary)
Don Wittman (in Chicago)
Gary Dornhoefer (in Calgary)
Gerry Pinder (in Chicago)
Quarterfinals New York Islanders-Edmonton Games 1–6[21][22][23] Danny Gallivan (in New York)
Don Wittman (in Edmonton)
Mickey Redmond and Dick Irvin Jr. (in New York)
Gary Dornhoefer (Games 3–4)
Gerry Pinder (Games 6)
Philadelphia-Calgary Games 1–7[24] Bob Cole Gary Dornhoefer (Games 1–2, 5–7)
Gerry Pinder (Games 3–4)
Semifinals Calgary-Minnesota Games 1–6[25][26][27][28] Jim Robson (in Calgary)
Don Wittman (in Minnesota)
Mickey Redmond and Dick Irvin Jr. (in Calgary)
Gary Dornhoefer and Chico Resch (in Minnesota)
1982 Divisional semifinals Montréal-Québec Games 1–5[29] Danny Gallivan Gary Dornhoefer (Games 1, 3–4)
Bobby Hull (in Montréal)
Dick Irvin Jr. (Games 2–5)
Winnipeg-St. Louis Games 1–4 Don Wittman Mickey Redmond
Edmonton-Los Angeles Games 1–5[30] Bob Cole Don Cherry
Gary Dornhoefer (Game 5)
Vancouver-Calgary Games 1–3 Jim Robson (in Vancouver)
Dave Hodge (in Calgary)
Howie Meeker
Divisional finals Boston-Québec Games 1–7[31][32][33][34] Bob Cole Mickey Redmond
Don Cherry (Games 1–2)
Bobby Hull (in Québec)
Dick Irvin Jr. (Games 5–7)
Vancouver-Los Angeles Games 1–5[35] Jim Robson (in Vancouver)
Don Wittman (in Los Angeles)
Gary Dornhoefer
Howie Meeker (in Los Angeles)
Conference finals New York Islanders-Québec Games 1–4[36][37][38] Danny Gallivan Dick Irvin Jr.
Don Cherry (in New York)
Bobby Hull (in Québec)
Chicago-Vancouver Games 1–5[39] Don Wittman (in Chicago)
Jim Robson (in Vancouver)
Gary Dornhoefer
Howie Meeker (in Vancouver)
Bobby Hull (Game 5)
1983 Divisional semifinals Montréal-Buffalo Games 1–3[40] Danny Gallivan Don Cherry and Dick Irvin Jr.
Minnesota-Toronto Games 1–4[41] Bob Cole Mickey Redmond
Edmonton-Winnipeg Games 1–3 John Wells (in Calgary)
Don Wittman (in Vancouver)
Gary Dornhoefer
Calgary-Vancouver Games 1–4 Don Wittman (in Calgary)
Jim Robson (in Vancouver)
Howie Meeker
Divisional finals New York Islanders-New York Rangers Game 6 Bob Cole Mickey Redmond and Don Cherry
Edmonton-Calgary Games 1–5[42] Jim Robson Gary Dornhoefer
Conference finals Boston-New York Islanders Games 2–3, 5–6[43] Danny Gallivan Dick Irvin Jr.
Edmonton-Chicago Games 1–4[44][45] Jim Robson (in Edmonton)
Bob Cole (in Chicago)
Gary Dornhoefer (in Edmonton)
Mickey Redmond (in Chicago)
1984 Divisional semifinals Boston-Montréal Games 1–3 Danny Gallivan Mickey Redmond and Dick Irvin Jr.
New York Islanders-New York Rangers Games 4–5[46] Bob Cole Dick Irvin Jr. and Don Cherry
Edmonton-Winnipeg Games 1–3 Bob Cole Gary Dornhoefer and Don Cherry
Calgary-Vancouver Games 1–4 Don Wittman (in Calgary)
Jim Robson (in Vancouver)
Howie Meeker
Division finals Québec-Montréal Games 1–6[47][48][49][50] Bob Cole Mickey Redmond
Dick Irvin Jr. (first two periods of Game 6; rest of series entirely)
Don Cherry (third period of Game 6)
Edmonton-Calgary Games 1–7[51] Don Wittman Gary Dornhoefer
Conference finals Montréal-New York Islanders Games 1–6[52][53][54] Danny Gallivan Gary Dornhoefer and Dick Irvin Jr.
Edmonton-Minnesota Games 1–4 Jim Robson Mickey Redmond and Chico Resch
1985 Divisional semifinals Montréal-Boston Games 1–5[55][56][57] Bob Cole Mickey Redmond and Dick Irvin Jr.
Edmonton-Los Angeles Games 1–3 Jim Robson Gary Dornhoefer
Winnipeg-Calgary Games 1–4[58][59] Don Wittman John Davidson
Divisional finals Montréal-Québec Games 1–2, 5, 7[60] Bob Cole Mickey Redmond and Dick Irvin Jr.
Chicago-Minnesota Game 6 Jim Robson John Davidson
Edmonton-Winnipeg Games 1–4[61][62] Don Wittman Gary Dornhoefer and John Davidson
Conference finals Edmonton-Chicago Games 1–6[63] Don Wittman Gary Dornhoefer and John Davidson
1986 Divisional semifinals Montréal-Boston Games 1–3[64] Dick Irvin Jr. Harry Neale
Chicago-Toronto Games 1–3[65][66][67][68][69][70] Bob Cole Gary Dornhoefer
Minnesota-St. Louis Games 4–5[71] Bob Cole Gary Dornhoefer
Edmonton-Vancouver Games 1–3 Don Wittman John Davidson
Divisional finals Montréal-Hartford Games 1–7[72] Dick Irvin Jr. Harry Neale
St. Louis-Toronto Games 1–7[73][74][75] Bob Cole John Davidson
Edmonton-Calgary Games 1–7[76][77][78][79] Don Wittman Gary Dornhoefer
Conference finals Montréal-New York Rangers Games 1–5[80][81][82][83][84] Bob Cole Dick Irvin Jr.
Calgary-St. Louis Games 1–7[85] Don Wittman John Davidson
1987 Divisional semifinals Montréal-Boston Games 1–4 Dick Irvin Jr. Gary Dornhoefer
St. Louis-Toronto Games 1–6[86][87] Bob Cole Harry Neale
Edmonton-Los Angeles Games 1–5[88] Jim Robson (Games 1–2, 4–5)
Steve Armitage (Game 3)
John Garrett
Calgary-Winnipeg Games 1–6[89][90][91] Don Wittman Scotty Bowman
Washington-New York Islanders Game 7[92] Bob Cole Harry Neale
Divisional finals Montréal-Québec Games 1–2, 5,[93] 7 Dick Irvin Jr. Gary Dornhoefer
Detroit-Toronto Games 1–7[94] Bob Cole Scotty Bowman
Edmonton-Winnipeg Games 1–4[95] Don Wittman Harry Neale
Conference finals Philadelphia-Montréal Games 1–6 Bob Cole Harry Neale and Dick Irvin Jr.
1988 Divisional semifinals Montréal-Hartford Games 1–6 Dick Irvin Jr. Scotty Bowman
Detroit-Toronto Games 1–6[96][97][98][99][100] Bob Cole Harry Neale
Calgary-Los Angeles Games 1–5[101] Bruce Buchanan John Garrett
Edmonton-Winnipeg Games 1–5 Chris Cuthbert Chico Resch
Divisional finals Montréal-Boston Games 1–5[102] Bob Cole Harry Neale and Dick Irvin Jr.
Washington-New Jersey Games 1 (joined-in-progress), 6–7 Chris Cuthbert (Game 1)
Bob Cole (Games 6–7)

Harry Neale (Games 6–7)
Calgary-Edmonton Games 1–4[103][104] Don Wittman Scotty Bowman
Conference finals Boston-New Jersey Games 1–7 Bob Cole Harry Neale
1989 Divisional semifinals Montréal-Hartford Games 1–4 Dick Irvin Jr. Scotty Bowman
Calgary-Vancouver Games 1–7[105][106][107][108][109][110][111][112][113][114][115][116][117][118][119][120][121][122] Bob Cole Harry Neale (Games 1–2)
John Garrett (Games 3–7)
Los Angeles-Edmonton Games 1–7 Don Wittman (Games 1–2, 5–7)
Chris Cuthbert (Games 3–4)
John Garrett (Games 1–2)
Harry Neale (Games 3–7)
Divisional finals Montréal-Boston Games 1–5 Bob Cole Harry Neale and Dick Irvin Jr.
Pittsburgh-Philadelphia Games 6–7 Bob Cole Harry Neale and Dick Irvin Jr.
St. Louis-Chicago Game 5 Don Wittman Scotty Bowman
Calgary-Los Angeles Games 1–4 Don Wittman Scotty Bowman
Conference finals Montréal-Philadelphia Games 1–6[123][124] Bob Cole Scotty Bowman and Dick Irvin Jr.
Calgary-Chicago Games 1–5[125][126] Don Wittman Harry Neale


  • On April 9, 1980, CBC carried the ACTRA awards ceremony. This caused the Hartford-Montréal and Edmonton-Philadelphia playoff games not to be televised. Meanwhile, the Toronto-Minnesota game was shifted to CHCH in Hamilton while the Vancouver-Buffalo game was televised by CBC regionally in British Columbia as usual. The ACTRA awards show was tape-delayed into prime time on the west coast.
  • Aside from the 1982 Stanley Cup Finals, CBC's only other nationally televised postseason games (all of the other games were seen regionally) from that year were the Edmonton-Los Angeles game (April 12), the Boston-Québec game (April 23), the deciding game seven between the same two teams at Boston Garden (April 25), and the Vancouver-Chicago game (May 6).
  • CTV had the national rights for the 1986 Calgary-St. Louis playoff series, except in the Calgary market, for which CBC and Molson retained exclusive rights to. CTV was unable to televise Games 2 and 3 of this series due to prior commitments. Meanwhile, CBC was allowed to televise Games 2 and 3 to all of Alberta and British Columbia, but not nationally.
  • In 1987, the first round series was extended to a best-of-7 series. In previous years, that round was a best-of-5. Like previous years, every round after the first was a best-of-7 series.
  • On April 18, 1988 (during Game 1 of the Montréal-Boston playoff series) at approximately 8:08 p.m. local time, there was a power outage in the province of Québec. While darkness enveloped Montréal and the Forum itself, the Forum's reserve generators kicked into gear. The generators were only able to illuminate the rink surface with enough power to keep the game moving. Ultimately, CBC was left with no choice but to abandon coverage following the first period.[127][128]
    • That same day, Chris Cuthbert was assigned by CBC to report and provide updates on Game 1 of Washington-New Jersey playoff series. However, when the Quebec blackout affected CBC's coverage of the Game 1 of the Boston-Montreal playoff series, the network threw to him and the solitary camera beside him in his coverage position to work the rest of this game. The whole process was totally done off the cuff. In other words, there were no graphics, no replay capabilities, and no analyst.[127][128]
  • CanWest-Global aired the 1988 Edmonton-Calgary playoff series nationally, except for the Edmonton and Calgary markets, where CBC retained exclusive rights.

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