This is a complete list of ice hockey players who were drafted in the National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Montreal Canadiens franchise.

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos GP G A Pts PIM W L T OT GAA
196311Monahan, GarryGarry MonahanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 748116169285484
196327Presswood, RodneyRodney PresswoodFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1963313Pugh, RoyRoy PughFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1963418Shirton, GlenGlen ShirtonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
196416Chagnon, ClaudeClaude ChagnonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1964212Allen, GuyGuy AllenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1964318Reid, PaulPaul ReidFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
1964424Jacques, MichelMichel JacquesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
196515Bouchard, PierrePierre BouchardTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 5952482106433
196615Myre, PhilPhil MyreTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 49501010101149198763.53
1966211St. Jacques, MoeMoe St. JacquesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1966317Drouin, JudeJude DrouinTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 666151305456346
1966423Pate, BobBob PateFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
196718McCann, ElginElgin McCannFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
196811Plasse, MichelMichel PlasseTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 2990996292136543.79
196812Belisle, RogerRoger BelisleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
196813Pritchard, JimJim PritchardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1968323Grierson, DonDon GriersonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
196911Houle, RejeanRejean HouleTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 635161247408395
196912Tardif, MarcMarc TardifTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 517194207401443
1969332Sheehan, BobbyBobby SheehanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 310486311140
1969444Anderson, MurrayMurray AndersonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 4001168
1969556Doyle, GaryGary DoyleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1969663Delparte, GuyGuy DelparteFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 4818918
1969668Powis, LynnLynn PowisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 13019335225
1969774Wilkie, IanIan WilkieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1969775Power, DaleDale PowerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1969879Hamill, FrankFrank HamillFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
1969983Drolet, GillesGilles DroletFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19691084Knibbs, DarrelDarrel KnibbsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
197015Martyniuk, RayRay MartyniukFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197016Lefley, ChuckChuck LefleyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 407128164292137
1970331Carlyle, SteveSteve CarlyleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1970445Hammond, CalCal HammondFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1970452French, JohnJohn FrenchFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1970466Wilson, RickRick WilsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 23962632165
1970680Brown, BobBob BrownFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1970793Fowler, BobBob FowlerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
19708105Jordan, RicRic JordanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
197111Lafleur, GuyGuy LafleurTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:DaggerTemplate:Double-daggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 11265607931353399
197117Arnason, ChuckChuck ArnasonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 40110990199122
1971111Wilson, MurrayMurray WilsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 3869495189162
1971220Robinson, LarryLarry RobinsonTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:DaggerTemplate:Double-daggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 1384208750958793
1971224DeGuise, MichelMichel DeGuiseFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1971225French, TerryTerry FrenchFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1971331Cahoon, JimJim CahoonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1971445Sidebottom, EdEd SidebottomFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1971453Hubick, GregGreg HubickFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 77691510
1971567Busniuk, MikeMike BusniukFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 14332326297
1971681Butler, RossRoss ButlerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1971795Sullivan, PeterPeter SullivanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 12628548240
197214Shutt, SteveSteve ShuttTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:DaggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 930424393817410
197216Larocque, MichelMichel LarocqueTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 312018181816089453.33
197218Gardner, DaveDave GardnerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 3507511519041
1972114Van Boxmeer, JohnJohn Van BoxmeerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 58884274358465
1972346Gilbert, EdEd GilbertFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 16621315222
1972462Elenbaas, DaveDave ElenbaasFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1972566Nyrop, BillBill NyropTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 207125163101
1972694Ryan, D'ArcyD'Arcy RyanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19727110Archambault, YvesYves ArchambaultFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19728126Parsons, GrahamGraham ParsonsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19729142Bumbacco, EddieEddie BumbaccoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197210151Riggall, FredFred RiggallFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
197211152Leblanc, RonRon LeblancFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
197318Gainey, BobBob GaineyTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:DaggerTemplate:Double-daggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 1160239262501585
1973217Goldup, GlennGlenn GoldupTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF 2915267119303
1973222Marrin, PeterPeter MarrinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1973232Andruff, RonRon AndruffTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 15319365554
1973337Humphreys, EdEd HumphreysFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1973456Hangsleben, AlAl HangslebenFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 185214869396
1973464Latulippe, RichardRichard LatulippeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1973580Gibbons, GerardGerard GibbonsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1973696Patry, DennisDennis PatryFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19737112Belisle, MichelMichel BelisleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19738128Desjardins, MarioMario DesjardinsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19739143Wright, BobBob WrightFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197310158Labrecque, AlainAlain LabrecqueFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
197311166Halliday, GordGord HallidayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197312167Raeder, CapCap RaederFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
197313168Chiasson, LouisLouis ChiassonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
197415Connor, CamCam ConnorTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 8992231256
197417Risebrough, DougDoug RisebroughTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 7401852864711542
1974110Chartraw, RickRick ChartrawTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 420286492399
1974112Tremblay, MarioMario TremblayTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 8522583265841043
1974115McTavish, GordGord McTavishFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 111342
1974230MacGregor, GaryGary MacGregorFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1974233Lupien, GillesGilles LupienTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 22652530416
1974351Howe, MartyMarty HoweFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 1972293199
1974461Legge, BarryBarry LeggeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 10711112144
1974469McKegney, MikeMike McKegneyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19746105Stewart, JohnJohn StewartFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 20000
19747123Micheletti, JoeJoe MichelettiFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 158116071114
19748140Hislop, JamieJamie HislopFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 3457510317886
19749157Stewart, GordGord StewartFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197410172Luksa, ChuckChuck LuksaFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 80114
197411187Cox, CliffCliff CoxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197412199Lumley, DaveDave LumleyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 43798160258680
197413209Hobin, MikeMike HobinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197519Sadler, RobinRobin SadlerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1975115Mondou, PierrePierre MondouTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 548194262456179
1975222Engblom, BrianBrian EngblomTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 65929177206599
1975234Greenbank, KelvinKelvin GreenbankFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1975351Woods, PaulPaul WoodsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 50172124196276
1975352Hughes, PatPat HughesTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 573130128258646
1975470Gorman, DaveDave GormanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 30000
1975588Turkiewicz, JimJim TurkiewiczFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19756106Lachance, MichelMichel LachanceFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 2104422
19757124Burke, TimTim BurkeFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19758142Norwich, CraigCraig NorwichFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 10417587560
19759158Clarke, PaulPaul ClarkeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197510173Ferriter, BobBob FerriterFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
197511187Bell, DavidDavid BellFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197512198Jackson, CarlCarl JacksonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197513204Brisebois, MichelMichel BriseboisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
197514208Bourque, RogerRoger BourqueFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
197515211Lundquist, JimJim LundquistFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
197516214Madson, DonDon MadsonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
197517215Bain, BobBob BainFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1976112Lee, PeterPeter LeeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 431114131245257
1976113Schutt, RodRod SchuttTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 2867792169177
1976118Baker, BruceBruce BakerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
1976236Melrose, BarryBarry MelroseFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 300102333728
1976354Baker, BillBill BakerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 14372532175
1976472Clarey, EdEd ClareyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1976590Barrett, MauriceMaurice BarrettFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19766108Brassard, PierrePierre BrassardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19767118Gosselin, RichRich GosselinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19768123Gregory, JohnJohn GregoryFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19769125Horsch, BruceBruce HorschFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
197610127Tavella, JohnJohn TavellaFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
197611129Davidson, MarkMark DavidsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197612131Wells, BillBill WellsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
197613133Wilson, RonRon WilsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 832110216326415
1977110Napier, MarkMark NapierTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 767235306541157
1977118Dupont, NormNorm DupontTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 256558514052
1977236Langway, RodRod LangwayTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:DaggerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 99451278329849
1977343Cote, AlainAlain CoteFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 696103190293383
1977346Lagace, PierrePierre LagaceFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1977349Robinson, MoeMoe RobinsonTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 10000
1977354Roberts, GordieGordie RobertsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 1097613594201582
1977464Holland, RobertRobert HollandFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 440002112294.08
1977590Rochette, GaetanGaetan RochetteFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19776108Himmelright, BillBill HimmelrightFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19777124Sevigny, RichardRichard SevignyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 176011948054203.21
19778137Hendrickson, KeithKeith HendricksonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19778140Reilly, MikeMike ReillyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
19779152Borrett, BarryBarry BorrettFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19779154Tanchak, SidSid TanchakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
197710160Holden, MarkMark HoldenTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 801102214.03
197710162Laughlin, CraigCraig LaughlinTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 549136205341364
197711167Poulin, DanDan PoulinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 31122
197711169McDonell, TomTom McDonellFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197712173Farelli, CaryCary FarelliFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
197712174Walker, CareyCarey WalkerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197713176Wells, MarkMark WellsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
197713177Palmer, StanStan PalmerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
197714179Belisle, JeanJean BelisleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197714180Daly, BobBob DalyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197715182Boileau, BobBob BoileauFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
197715183Costello, JohnJohn CostelloFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
197818Geoffrion, DannyDanny GeoffrionTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 11120325299
1978117Hunter, DaveDave HunterFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 746133190323918
1978230Yakiwchuk, DaleDale YakiwchukFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1978236Carter, RonRon CarterFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 20000
1978342David, RichardRichard DavidFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 3144810
1978469Reeves, KevinKevin ReevesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1978586Boyd, MikeMike BoydFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19786103Acton, KeithKeith ActonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 10232263585841172
19787120Lawson, JimJim LawsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19788137Landon, LarryLarry LandonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 90002
19789154Constantine, KevinKevin ConstantineFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
197810171Swan, JohnJohn SwanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
197811186Metivier, DanielDaniel MetivierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
197812201Fetisov, ViacheslavViacheslav FetisovTemplate:Country data RussiaD 54636192228656
197813212Mars, JeffJeff MarsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
197814222Tiganelli, GregGreg TiganelliFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
197815225Goulakos, GeorgeGeorge GoulakosFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
197816227Moodie, KenKen MoodieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197817229LeBlanc, SergeSerge LeBlancFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
197818230Magnuson, BobBob MagnusonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
197819231Nilan, ChrisChris NilanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 6881101152253043
197820232Wilson, RickRick WilsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197821233Sleigher, LouisLouis SleigherFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 194465399146
197822234Robb, DougDoug RobbFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1979227Gingras, GastonGaston GingrasTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 47661174235161
1979237Naslund, MatsMats NaslundTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW 651251383634111
1979343Levie, CraigCraig LevieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 183225375177
1979344Carbonneau, GuyGuy CarbonneauTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 1318260403663820
1979358Wamsley, RickRick WamsleyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 40709952204131463.34
1979479Orleski, DaveDave OrleskiTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 20000
19795100Joly, YvanYvan JolyTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 20000
19796121Moffett, GregGreg MoffettFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
198011Wickenheiser, DougDoug WickenheiserTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 556111165276286
1980227Nattress, RicRic NattressTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 53629135164377
1980240Chabot, JohnJohn ChabotTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 5088422831285
1980345Newberry, JohnJohn NewberryTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 220446
1980361Ludwig, CraigCraig LudwigTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 1256381842221437
1980482Teal, JeffJeff TealTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 60110
19805103Gagne, RemiRemi GagneFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19806124McPhee, MikeMike McPheeTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 744200199399661
19807145Norton, BillBill NortonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19808166Penney, SteveSteve PenneyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 91011173528123.62
19809187Schmidt, JohnJohn SchmidtFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198010208Robinson, ScottScott RobinsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 10002
198117Hunter, MarkMark HunterTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 6282131713841426
1981118Delorme, GilbertGilbert DelormeTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 5413192123520
1981119Ingman, JanJan IngmanFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenF
1981232Eriksson, LarsLars ErikssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenG
1981240Chelios, ChrisChris CheliosTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:DaggerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 16511857639482891
1981346Hegen, DieterDieter HegenTemplate:Country data GermanyLW
1981482Dahlin, KjellKjell DahlinTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenF 166575911610
1981588Rooney, SteveSteve RooneyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 154151328496
19816124Anastos, TomTom AnastosFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19817145Kurvers, TomTom KurversTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 65993328421350
19818166Gess, PaulPaul GessFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19819187Ferguson, ScottScott FergusonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198110208Burrows, DanDan BurrowsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1982119Heroux, AlainAlain HerouxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1982231Gauvreau, JocelynJocelyn GauvreauTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 20000
1982232Carlson, KentKent CarlsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 11371118148
1982233Maley, DavidDavid MaleyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 46643811241043
1982240Sandelin, ScottScott SandelinTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 250442
1982361Harlow, ScottScott HarlowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 10110
1982469DeVoe, JohnJohn DeVoeFlag of the United States.svg United StatesW
19825103Houle, KevinKevin HouleFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19826117Vargas, ErnieErnie VargasFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
19826124Dark, MikeMike DarkFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 43561114
19827145Jarvenpaa, HannuHannu JarvenpaaFlag of Finland.svg FinlandRW 11411263783
19828150Smith, SteveSteve SmithFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19828166Koliouspoulos, TomTom KoliouspoulosFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19829187Williams, BrianBrian WilliamsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
198210208Emery, BobBob EmeryFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198211229Acheson, DarrenDarren AchesonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
198212250Brauer, BillBill BrauerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1983117Turcotte, AlfieAlfie TurcotteTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 11217294649
1983226Lemieux, ClaudeClaude LemieuxTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 12153794077861777
1983227Momesso, SergioSergio MomessoTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 7101521933451557
1983235Francis, ToddTodd FrancisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1983345Letendre, DanielDaniel LetendreFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1983480Kordic, JohnJohn KordicTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 244171835997
19835101Wurst, DanDan WurstFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19836122Javanainen, ArtoArto JavanainenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandRW 144152
19837143Tretiak, VladislavVladislav TretiakTemplate:Country data RussiaG
19838164Bryden, RobRob BrydenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaW
19839185McKay, GrantGrant McKayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198310206Rundqvist, ThomasThomas RundqvistTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC 20110
198311227Perpich, JeffJeff PerpichFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198312248Bergeron, Jean-GuyJean-Guy BergeronFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198415Svoboda, PetrPetr SvobodaTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD 1028583413991605
198418Corson, ShayneShayne CorsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 11562734206932357
1984229Richer, StephaneStephane RicherTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 1054421398819614
1984351Roy, PatrickPatrick RoyTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:DaggerTemplate:Double-daggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 1029045452625513151312.54
1984354Bonar, GraemeGraeme BonarFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1984465Brodeur, LeeLee BrodeurFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
1984595Johannson, GeraldGerald JohannsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19846116Nesich, JimJim NesichFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19847137MacTavish, ScottScott MacTavishFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19848158McCaughey, BradBrad McCaugheyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19849179Demers, EricEric DemersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
198410199Annear, RonRon AnnearFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198411220Tanner, DaveDave TannerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198412240Crosby, TroyTroy CrosbyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1985112Charbonneau, JoseJose CharbonneauTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 719132267
1985116Chorske, TomTom ChorskeTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 596115122237225
1985233Richards, ToddTodd RichardsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 80444
1985347Dundas, RockyRocky DundasFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 500014
1985475Desjardins, MartinMartin DesjardinsTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF 80222
1985479Gilchrist, BrentBrent GilchristTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 792135170305400
1985596Sagissor, TomTom SagissorFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19856117Dufresne, DonaldDonald DufresneTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 26863642258
19857142Cristofoli, EdEd CristofoliTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 90114
19858163Claringbull, MikeMike ClaringbullFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19859184Beedon, RogerRoger BeedonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
198510198Mansi, MaurizioMaurizio MansiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
198510205Arthur, ChadChad ArthurFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
198511226Bishop, MikeMike BishopFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198512247Ferguson, Jr., JohnJohn Ferguson, Jr.Flag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1986115Pederson, MarkMark PedersonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 16935508577
1986227Brunet, BenoitBenoit BrunetTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 539101161262229
1986357Lumme, JyrkiJyrki LummeTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD 985114354468620
1986478Bobyck, BrentBrent BobyckFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1986594Aubertin, EricEric AubertinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1986599Milani, MarioMario MilaniFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19866120Bisson, SteveSteve BissonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19867141Odelein, LyleLyle OdeleinTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 1056502022522316
19868162Hayward, RickRick HaywardFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 40005
19869183Routa, AntoninAntonin RoutaFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD
198610204Bohemier, EricEric BohemierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
198611225Moore, CharlieCharlie MooreFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
198612246Svoboda, KarelKarel SvobodaFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicF
1986S12Exelby, RandyRandy ExelbyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 200000104.76
1987117Cassels, AndrewAndrew CasselsTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 1015204528732410
1987233LeClair, JohnJohn LeClairTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 967406413819501
1987238Desjardins, EricEric DesjardinsTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 1143136439575757
1987344Schneider, MathieuMathieu SchneiderTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 12892235207431245
1987358Gravel, FrancoisFrancois GravelFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1987480Miller, KrisKris MillerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19875101McCool, SteveSteve McCoolFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19876122Kuntar, LesLes KuntarTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 600022203.18
19877143Kelley, RobRob KelleyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19878164Geist, WillWill GeistFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19879185Tremblay, EricEric TremblayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198710206McKinlay, BarryBarry McKinlayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198711227Ronan, EdEd RonanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 182132336101
198712248Herring, BryanBryan HerringFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
1988120Charron, EricEric CharronTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 130279127
1988234St. Amour, MartinMartin St. AmourFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 10002
1988346Carnes, NeilNeil CarnesFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
1988483Kjellberg, PatricPatric KjellbergTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW 394649616084
1988593Popovic, PeterPeter PopovicTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 485106373291
19885104Bergeron, Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude BergeronTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 720224213373.69
19886125Carnback, PatrikPatrik CarnbackTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW 154243862122
19887146Chase, TimTim ChaseFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19888167Hill, SeanSean HillTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 876622362981008
19889188Vitolinsh, HarijsHarijs VitolinshTemplate:Country data LatviaC 80004
198810209Krivokhizha, YuriYuri KrivokhizhaTemplate:Country data BelarusD
198811230Dahl, KevinKevin DahlFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 18872229153
198812251Kunda, DaveDave KundaFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1988S25Fish, PeterPeter FishFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
1989113Vallis, LindsayLindsay VallisTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 10000
1989230Brisebois, PatricePatrice BriseboisTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 100998322420623
1989241Larouche, SteveSteve LaroucheFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 26991810
1989351Sevigny, PierrePierre SevignyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 7845964
1989483Racicot, AndreAndre RacicotTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 680226262383.50
19895104Deschamps, MarcMarc DeschampsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19897146Ferguson, CraigCraig FergusonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 271126
19898167Lebeau, PatrickPatrick LebeauTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 153256
19899188Mitchell, RoyRoy MitchellFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 30000
198910209Henrich, EdEd HenrichFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198911230Duberman, JustinJustin DubermanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 40000
198912251Cadieux, SteveSteve CadieuxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1989S25Charron, CraigCraig CharronFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
1990112Stevenson, TurnerTurner StevensonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 64475115190969
1990239Kuwabara, RyanRyan KuwabaraFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1990358Poulin, CharlesCharles PoulinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1990360Guillet, RobertRobert GuilletFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1990481Dionne, GilbertGilbert DionneTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 2236179140108
19905102DiPietro, PaulPaul DiPietroTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 19231498096
19906123Conroy, CraigCraig ConroyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 1009182360542603
19907144Rohr, StephenStephen RohrFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19908165Fleetwood, BrentBrent FleetwoodFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19909186Maguire, DerekDerek MaguireFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
199010207Kettelhut, MarkMark KettelhutFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
199011228Uniac, JohnJohn UniacFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
199012249Martinyuk, SergeiSergei MartinyukTemplate:Country data RussiaC
1990S22Coles, BruceBruce ColesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1991117Bilodeau, BrentBrent BilodeauFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1991228Campbell, JimJim CampbellTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 2856175136268
1991243Darby, CraigCraig DarbyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 19621355632
1991361Sarault, YvesYves SaraultTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 10610102051
1991473Vujtek, VladimirVladimir VujtekTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicRW 1107303738
1991483Lapointe, SylvainSylvain LapointeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19915100Layzell, BradBrad LayzellFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19915105Prpic, TonyTony PrpicFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
19916127Petrov, OlegOleg PetrovTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data RussiaLW 38272115187101
19917149Kramer, BradyBrady KramerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19918171Savage, BrianBrian SavageTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 674192167359321
19919193Fraser, ScottScott FraserTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 7216153124
199110215MacEachern, GregGreg MacEachernFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
199111237Lepler, PaulPaul LeplerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
199112259Hooper, DaleDale HooperFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1991S23Torrey, JeffJeff TorreyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
1992120Wilkie, DavidDavid WilkieTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 167102636165
1992233Bure, ValeriValeri BureTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data RussiaRW 621174226400221
1992244Corpse, KeliKeli CorpseFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1992368Rivet, CraigCraig RivetTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 923501872371171
1992482Bernard, LouisLouis BernardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1992492Lamothe, MarcMarc LamotheFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 400002113.24
19925116Chase, DonDon ChaseFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
19926140Sychra, MartinMartin SychraFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC
19927164Proulx, ChristianChristian ProulxTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 712320
19928188Burman, MichaelMichael BurmanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19929212Cronan, EarlEarl CronanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
199210236Cavicchi, TrentTrent CavicchiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
199211260Miura, HiroyukiHiroyuki MiuraTemplate:Country data JapanD
1993121Koivu, SakuSaku KoivuTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Finland.svg FinlandC 1124255577832809
1993247Fitzpatrick, RoryRory FitzpatrickTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 287102535201
1993373Bordeleau, SebastienSebastien BordeleauTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data FranceC 251376198118
1993485Wiesel, AdamAdam WieselFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1993499Houle, Jean-FrancoisJean-Francois HouleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19935113Lank, JeffJeff LankFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 20002
19935125Darling, DionDion DarlingFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19936151Tucker, DarcyDarcy TuckerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 9472152614761410
19937177Ruhly, DavidDavid RuhlyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19938203Letang, AlanAlan LetangFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 140002
19939229Duchesne, AlexandreAlexandre DuchesneFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
199310255Larochelle, BrianBrian LarochelleFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
199311281Guzior, RussRuss GuziorFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
1994118Brown, BradBrad BrownTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 33022729747
1994244Theodore, JoseJose TheodoreTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 648116174028625430392.68
1994354Murray, ChrisChris MurrayTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 242161834550
1994370Kiprusoff, MarkoMarko KiprusoffTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD 510101012
1994374Belanger, MartinMartin BelangerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1994496Kuki, ArtoArto KukiFlag of Finland.svg FinlandC
19945122Drolet, JimmyJimmy DroletFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19946148Irving, JoelJoel IrvingFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19947174Rezansoff, JessieJessie RezansoffFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19948200Strom, PeterPeter StromFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenRW
19949226Vokoun, TomasTomas VokounTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicG 70002323125 30028835432.55
199410252Aldous, ChrisChris AldousFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
199411278Parsons, RossRoss ParsonsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
199518Ryan, TerryTerry RyanTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 800036
1995360Guren, MiroslavMiroslav GurenTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD 3613416
1995374Hohenberger, MartinMartin HohenbergerTemplate:Country data AustriaLW
1995486Delisle, JonathanJonathan DelisleTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 10000
19955112Anger, NiklasNiklas AngerFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenW
19956138Olson, BoydBoyd OlsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19957164Robidas, StephaneStephane RobidasTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 93757201258713
19958190Hart, GregGreg HartFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19959216Houde, EricEric HoudeTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 302354
1996118Higgins, MattMatt HigginsTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 571236
1996244Garon, MathieuMathieu GaronTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 3410772814413120112.83
1996371Asham, ArronArron AshamTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 789941142081004
1996492Staal, KimKim StaalTemplate:Country data DenmarkW
1996499Drapeau, EtienneEtienne DrapeauFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19965127Archambault, DanielDaniel ArchambaultFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19966154Clark, BrettBrett ClarkTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 68945141186293
19967181Vertala, TimoTimo VertalaFlag of Finland.svg FinlandLW
19968207Baldi, MattiaMattia BaldiTemplate:Country data SwitzerlandLW
19969233Tremblay, MichelMichel TremblayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1997111Ward, JasonJason WardTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 336364581171
1997237Baumgartner, GregorGregor BaumgartnerTemplate:Country data AustriaW
1997365Mikkola, IlkkaIlkka MikkolaFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
1997491Tetrault, DanielDaniel TetraultFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19975118Sidulov, KonstantinKonstantin SidulovTemplate:Country data RussiaD
19975122Razin, GennadyGennady RazinTemplate:Country data UkraineD
19976145Desroches, JonathanJonathan DesrochesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19977172Guite, BenBen GuiteFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 17519264597
19978197Kubos, PetrPetr KubosFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD
19978202Sidyakin, AndreiAndrei SidyakinTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
19979228Ygranes, Jarl EspenJarl Espen YgranesTemplate:Country data NorwayD
1998116Chouinard, Eric