The NHL All-Rookie Team is chosen by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association from the best rookies in the National Hockey League (NHL) at each position for the season just concluded based on their performance in that year.

The team was first named after the 1982-83 NHL season and since then many future stars have been selected.

The team consists of one goalie, two defensemen and three forwards. In order to be considered a rookie in the NHL, the rookie must be eligible to win the Calder Memorial Trophy.

The qualification criteria to be eligible are that the player must not have played in more than 25 NHL games in any previous year nor played in six or more NHL games in each of any two preceding seasons, as well as being under the age of 26 on September 15 of the season in which he is eligible.

The age consideration was added after Sergei Makarov won the trophy at age 31 in 1990.

The only player to be awarded the Calder Trophy without being named to the All-Rookie Team is Pavel Bure (in 1991–92) because he received votes at both right wing and left wing, but not enough to lead at either position.

Since that time, the rules have been changed so that all forwards are voted on together.

All-Rookie Teams by yearEdit

Player's name written in italic denotes Calder Trophy Candidate and written in bold indicates the winner of the Calder Memorial Trophy

Season Pos Player NHL team GP G A Pts PIM GP W L T/OTL GAA
1982–83 G Pelle Lindbergh Philadelphia Flyers
<center>23 <center>13 <center>3 <center>2.98
D Scott Stevens Washington Capitals <center>77 <center>9 <center>16 <center>25 <center>195
D Phil Housley Buffalo Sabres <center>77 <center>19 <center>47 <center>66 <center>39
F Dan Daoust Montreal/Toronto <center>52 <center>18 <center>34 <center>52 <center>35
F Steve Larmer Chicago Blackhawks <center>80 <center>43 <center>47 <center>90 <center>28
F Mats Naslund Montreal Canadiens <center>74 <center>26 <center>45 <center>71 <center>10
1983–84 G Tom Barrasso Buffalo Sabres <center>42 <center>26 <center>12 <center>3 <center>2.84
D Thomas Eriksson Philadelphia Flyers <center>68 <center>11 <center>33 <center>44 <center>37
D Jamie Macoun Calgary Flames <center>72 <center>9 <center>23 <center>32 <center>97
F Steve Yzerman Detroit Red Wings <center>80 <center>39 <center>48 <center>87 <center>33
F Hakan Loob Calgary Flames <center>77 <center>30 <center>25 <center>55 <center>22
F Sylvain Turgeon Hartford Whalers <center>76 <center>40 <center>32 <center>72 <center>55
1984–85 G Steve Penney Montreal Canadiens <center>54 <center>26 <center>18 <center>8 <center>3.08
D Chris Chelios Montreal Canadiens <center>74 <center>9 <center>55 <center>64 <center>87
D Bruce Bell Quebec Nordiques <center>75 <center>6 <center>31 <center>37 <center>44
F Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins <center>73 <center>43 <center>57 <center>100 <center>54
F Tomas Sandstrom New York Rangers <center>74 <center>29 <center>29 <center>58 <center>51
F Warren Young Pittsburgh Penguins <center>80 <center>40 <center>32 <center>72 <center>174
1985–86 G Patrick Roy Montreal Canadiens <center>47 <center>23 <center>18 <center>3 <center>3.35
D Gary Suter Calgary Flames <center>80 <center>18 <center>50 <center>68 <center>141
D Dana Murzyn Hartford Whalers <center>78 <center>3 <center>23 <center>26 <center>125
F Mike Ridley New York Rangers <center>80 <center>22 <center>43 <center>65 <center>69
F Kjell Dahlin Montreal Canadiens <center>77 <center>32 <center>39 <center>71 <center>4
F Wendel Clark Toronto Maple Leafs <center>66 <center>34 <center>11 <center>45 <center>227
1986–87 G Ron Hextall Philadelphia Flyers <center>66 <center>37 <center>21 <center>6 <center>3.00
D Steve Duchesne Los Angeles Kings <center>75 <center>13 <center>25 <center>38 <center>74
D Brian Benning St. Louis Blues <center>78 <center>13 <center>26 <center>39 <center>110
F Jimmy Carson Los Angeles Kings <center>80 <center>37 <center>42 <center>79 <center>22
F Luc Robitaille Los Angeles Kings <center>79 <center>45 <center>39 <center>84 <center>28
F Jim Sandlak Vancouver Canucks <center>78 <center>15 <center>21 <center>36 <center>66
1987–88 G Darren Pang Chicago Blackhawks <center>45 <center>17 <center>23 <center>1 <center>3.84
D Glen Wesley Boston Bruins <center>79 <center>7 <center>30 <center>37 <center>69
D Calle Johansson Buffalo Sabres <center>71 <center>4 <center>38 <center>42 <center>37
F Joe Nieuwendyk Calgary Flames <center>75 <center>51 <center>41 <center>92 <center>23
F Ray Sheppard Buffalo Sabres <center>74 <center>38 <center>27 <center>65 <center>14
F Iain Duncan Winnipeg Jets <center>62 <center>19 <center>23 <center>42 <center>73
1988–89 G Peter Sidorkiewicz Hartford Whalers <center>44 <center>22 <center>18 <center>4 <center>3.03
D Brian Leetch New York Rangers <center>68 <center>23 <center>48 <center>71 <center>50
D Zarley Zalapski Pittsburgh Penguins <center>58 <center>12 <center>33 <center>45 <center>57
F Trevor Linden Vancouver Canucks <center>80 <center>30 <center>29 <center>59 <center>41
F Tony Granato New York Rangers <center>78 <center>36 <center>27 <center>63 <center>140
F David Volek New York Islanders <center>77 <center>25 <center>34 <center>59 <center>24
1989–90 G Bob Essensa Winnipeg Jets <center>36 <center>18 <center>9 <center>5 <center>3.15
D Brad Shaw Hartford Whalers <center>64 <center>3 <center>32 <center>35 <center>30
D Geoff Smith Edmonton Oilers <center>74 <center>4 <center>11 <center>15 <center>52
F Mike Modano Minnesota North Stars <center>80 <center>29 <center>46 <center>75 <center>63
F Sergei Makarov Calgary Flames <center>80 <center>24 <center>62 <center>86 <center>55
F Rod Brind'Amour St. Louis Blues <center>79 <center>26 <center>35 <center>61 <center>46
1990–91 G Ed Belfour Chicago Blackhawks <center>74 <center>43 <center>19 <center>7 <center>2.47
D Eric Weinrich New Jersey Devils <center>76 <center>4 <center>34 <center>38 <center>48
D Rob Blake Los Angeles Kings <center>75 <center>12 <center>34 <center>46 <center>125
F Sergei Fedorov Detroit Red Wings <center>77 <center>31 <center>48 <center>79 <center>66
F Ken Hodge, Jr. Boston Bruins <center>70 <center>30 <center>29 <center>59 <center>20
F Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Penguins <center>80 <center>27 <center>30 <center>57 <center>42
1991–92 G Dominik Hasek Chicago Blackhawks <center>20 <center>10 <center>4 <center>1 <center>2.60
D Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings <center>80 <center>11 <center>49 <center>60 <center>22
D Vladimir Konstantinov Detroit Red Wings <center>79 <center>8 <center>26 <center>34 <center>172
F Kevin Todd New Jersey Devils <center>80 <center>21 <center>42 <center>63 <center>69
F Tony Amonte New York Rangers <center>79 <center>35 <center>34 <center>69 <center>55
F Gilbert Dionne Montreal Canadiens <center>39 <center>21 <center>13 <center>34 <center>10
1992–93 G Felix Potvin Toronto Maple Leafs <center>48 <center>25 <center>15 <center>7 <center>2.50
D Vladimir Malakhov New York Islanders <center>64 <center>14 <center>38 <center>52 <center>59
D Scott Niedermayer New Jersey Devils <center>80 <center>11 <center>29 <center>40 <center>47
F Eric Lindros Philadelphia Flyers <center>61 <center>41 <center>34 <center>75 <center>147
F Teemu Selanne Winnipeg Jets <center>84 <center>76 <center>56 <center>132 <center>45
F Joe Juneau Boston Bruins <center>84 <center>32 <center>70 <center>102 <center>33
1993–94 G Martin Brodeur New Jersey Devils <center>47 <center>27 <center>11 <center>8 <center>2.40
D Chris Pronger Hartford Whalers <center>81 <center>5 <center>25 <center>30 <center>113
D Boris Mironov Winnipeg/Edmonton <center>79 <center>7 <center>24 <center>31 <center>110
F Jason Arnott Edmonton Oilers <center>78 <center>33 <center>35 <center>68 <center>104
F Mikael Renberg Philadelphia Flyers <center>83 <center>38 <center>44 <center>82 <center>36
F Oleg Petrov Montreal Canadiens <center>55 <center>12 <center>15 <center>27 <center>2
1994–95 G Jim Carey Washington Capitals <center>28 <center>18 <center>6 <center>3 <center>2.13
D Chris Therien Philadelphia Flyers <center>48 <center>3 <center>10 <center>13 <center>38
D Kenny Jonsson Toronto Maple Leafs <center>39 <center>2 <center>7 <center>9 <center>16
F Peter Forsberg Quebec Nordiques <center>47 <center>15 <center>35 <center>50 <center>16
F Jeff Friesen San Jose Sharks <center>48 <center>15 <center>10 <center>25 <center>14
F Paul Kariya Mighty Ducks of Anaheim <center>47 <center>18 <center>21 <center>39 <center>4
1995–96 G Corey Hirsch Vancouver Canucks <center>41 <center>17 <center>14 <center>6 <center>2.93
D Ed Jovanovski Florida Panthers <center>70 <center>10 <center>11 <center>21 <center>137
D Kyle McLaren Boston Bruins <center>74 <center>5 <center>12 <center>17 <center>73
F Daniel Alfredsson Ottawa Senators <center>82 <center>26 <center>35 <center>61 <center>28
F Eric Daze Chicago Blackhawks <center>80 <center>30 <center>23 <center>53 <center>18
F Petr Sykora New Jersey Devils <center>63 <center>18 <center>24 <center>42 <center>32
1996–97 G Patrick Lalime Pittsburgh Penguins <center>39 <center>21 <center>12 <center>2 <center>2.94
D Bryan Berard New York Islanders <center>82 <center>8 <center>40 <center>48 <center>86
D Janne Niinimaa Philadelphia Flyers <center>77 <center>4 <center>40 <center>44 <center>58
F Jarome Iginla Calgary Flames <center>82 <center>21 <center>29 <center>50 <center>37
F Jim Campbell St. Louis Blues <center>68 <center>23 <center>20 <center>43 <center>68
F Sergei Berezin Toronto Maple Leafs <center>73 <center>25 <center>16 <center>41 <center>2
1997–98 G Jamie Storr Los Angeles Kings <center>17 <center>9 <center>5 <center>1 <center>2.22
D Mattias Ohlund Vancouver Canucks <center>77 <center>7 <center>23 <center>30 <center>76
D Derek Morris Calgary Flames <center>82 <center>9 <center>20 <center>29 <center>88
F Sergei Samsonov Boston Bruins <center>79 <center>25 <center>26 <center>51 <center>18
F Patrik Elias New Jersey Devils <center>74 <center>18 <center>19 <center>37 <center>28
F Mike Johnson Toronto Maple Leafs <center>82 <center>15 <center>32 <center>47 <center>24
1998–99 G Jamie Storr Los Angeles Kings <center>28 <center>12 <center>12 <center>2 <center>2.40
D Tom Poti Edmonton Oilers <center>73 <center>5 <center>16 <center>21 <center>42
D Sami Salo Ottawa Senators <center>61 <center>7 <center>12 <center>19 <center>24
F Chris Drury Colorado Avalanche <center>79 <center>20 <center>24 <center>44 <center>62
F Milan Hejduk Colorado Avalanche <center>82 <center>14 <center>34 <center>48 <center>26
F Marian Hossa Ottawa Senators <center>60 <center>15 <center>15 <center>30 <center>37
1999–2000 G Brian Boucher Philadelphia Flyers <center>35 <center>20 <center>10 <center>3 <center>1.91
D Brian Rafalski New Jersey Devils <center>75 <center>5 <center>27 <center>32 <center>28
D Brad Stuart San Jose Sharks <center>82 <center>10 <center>26 <center>36 <center>32
F Simon Gagne Philadelphia Flyers <center>80 <center>20 <center>28 <center>48 <center>22
F Scott Gomez New Jersey Devils <center>82 <center>19 <center>51 <center>70 <center>78
F Mike York New York Rangers <center>82 <center>26 <center>24 <center>50 <center>18
2000–01 G Evgeni Nabokov San Jose Sharks <center>66 <center>32 <center>21 <center>7 <center>2.19
D Lubomir Visnovsky Los Angeles Kings <center>81 <center>7 <center>32 <center>39 <center>36
D Colin White New Jersey Devils <center>82 <center>1 <center>19 <center>20 <center>155
F Martin Havlat Ottawa Senators <center>73 <center>19 <center>23 <center>42 <center>20
F Brad Richards Tampa Bay Lightning <center>82 <center>21 <center>41 <center>62 <center>14
F Shane Willis Carolina Hurricanes <center>73 <center>20 <center>24 <center>44 <center>45
2001–02 G Dan Blackburn New York Rangers <center>31 <center>12 <center>16 <center>0 <center>3.28
D Nick Boynton Boston Bruins <center>80 <center>4 <center>14 <center>18 <center>107
D Rostislav Klesla Columbus Blue Jackets <center>75 <center>8 <center>8 <center>16 <center>74
F Dany Heatley Atlanta Thrashers <center>82 <center>26 <center>41 <center>67 <center>56
F Ilya Kovalchuk Atlanta Thrashers <center>65 <center>29 <center>22 <center>51 <center>28
F Kristian Huselius Florida Panthers <center>79 <center>23 <center>22 <center>45 <center>14
2002–03 G Sebastien Caron Pittsburgh Penguins <center>24 <center>7 <center>14 <center>2 <center>2.64
D Jay Bouwmeester Florida Panthers <center>82 <center>4 <center>12 <center>16 <center>14
D Barret Jackman St. Louis Blues <center>82 <center>3 <center>16 <center>19 <center>190
F Tyler Arnason Chicago Blackhawks <center>82 <center>19 <center>20 <center>39 <center>20
F Rick Nash Columbus Blue Jackets <center>74 <center>17 <center>22 <center>39 <center>78
F Henrik Zetterberg Detroit Red Wings <center>79 <center>22 <center>22 <center>44 <center>8
2003–04 G Andrew Raycroft Boston Bruins <center>57 <center>29 <center>18 <center>9 <center>2.05
D John-Michael Liles Colorado Avalanche <center>79 <center>10 <center>24 <center>34 <center>28
D Joni Pitkanen Philadelphia Flyers <center>71 <center>8 <center>19 <center>27 <center>44
F Trent Hunter New York Islanders <center>77 <center>25 <center>26 <center>51 <center>16
F Ryan Malone Pittsburgh Penguins <center>81 <center>22 <center>21 <center>43 <center>64
F Michael Ryder Montreal Canadiens <center>81 <center>25 <center>38 <center>63 <center>26
2005–06 G Henrik Lundqvist New York Rangers <center>53 <center>30 <center>12 <center>2 <center>2.24
D Dion Phaneuf Calgary Flames <center>82 <center>20 <center>29 <center>49 <center>93
D Andrej Meszaros Ottawa Senators <center>82 <center>10 <center>29 <center>39 <center>61
F Alexander Ovechkin Washington Capitals <center>81 <center>52 <center>54 <center>106 <center>52
F Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins <center>81 <center>39 <center>63 <center>102 <center>110
F Brad Boyes Boston Bruins <center>82 <center>26 <center>43 <center>69 <center>30
2006–07 G Mike Smith Dallas Stars <center>23 <center>12 <center>5 <center>2 <center>2.23
D Matt Carle San Jose Sharks <center>77 <center>11 <center>31 <center>42 <center>30
D Marc-Edouard Vlasic San Jose Sharks <center>81 <center>3 <center>23 <center>26 <center>18
F Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins <center>78 <center>33 <center>52 <center>85 <center>80
F Jordan Staal Pittsburgh Penguins <center>81 <center>29 <center>13 <center>42 <center>24
F Paul Stastny Colorado Avalanche <center>82 <center>28 <center>50 <center>78 <center>42
2007–08 G Carey Price Montreal Canadiens <center>41 <center>24 <center>12 <center>3 <center>2.56
D Tobias Enstrom Atlanta Thrashers <center>82 <center>5 <center>33 <center>38 <center>42
D Tom Gilbert Edmonton Oilers <center>82 <center>13 <center>20 <center>33 <center>20
F Nicklas Backstrom Washington Capitals <center>82 <center>14 <center>55 <center>69 <center>24
F Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks <center>82 <center>21 <center>51 <center>72 <center>52
F Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks <center>64 <center>24 <center>30 <center>54 <center>44
2008–09 G Steve Mason Columbus Blue Jackets <center>61 <center>33 <center>20 <center>7 <center>2.29
D Drew Doughty Los Angeles Kings <center>81 <center>6 <center>21 <center>27 <center>56
D Luke Schenn Toronto Maple Leafs <center>70 <center>2 <center>12 <center>14 <center>71
F Bobby Ryan Anaheim Ducks <center>64 <center>31 <center>26 <center>57 <center>33
F Patrik Berglund St. Louis Blues <center>76 <center>21 <center>26 <center>47 <center>16
F Kris Versteeg Chicago Blackhawks <center>78 <center>22 <center>31 <center>53 <center>55
2009–10 G Jimmy Howard Detroit Red Wings <center>63 <center>37 <center>15 <center>3 <center>2.26
D Michael Del Zotto New York Rangers <center>80 <center>9 <center>28 <center>37 <center>32
D Tyler Myers Buffalo Sabres <center>82 <center>11 <center>37 <center>48 <center>32
F Niclas Bergfors New Jersey/Atlanta <center>81 <center>21 <center>23 <center>44 <center>10
F Matt Duchene Colorado Avalanche <center>81 <center>24 <center>31 <center>55 <center>16
F John Tavares New York Islanders <center>82 <center>24 <center>30 <center>54 <center>22
2010–11 G Corey Crawford Chicago Blackhawks <center>57 <center>33 <center>18 <center>6 <center>2.30
D John Carlson Washington Capitals <center>82 <center>7 <center>30 <center>37 <center>44
D P. K. Subban Montreal Canadiens <center>77 <center>14 <center>24 <center>38 <center>124
F Logan Couture San Jose Sharks <center>79 <center>32 <center>24 <center>56 <center>41
F Michael Grabner New York Islanders <center>76 <center>34 <center>18 <center>52 <center>10
F Jeff Skinner Carolina Hurricanes <center>82 <center>31 <center>32 <center>63 <center>46
2011–12 G Jhonas Enroth Buffalo Sabres <center>26 <center>8 <center>11 <center>4 <center>2.70
D Justin Faulk Carolina Hurricanes <center>66 <center>8 <center>14 <center>22 <center>29
D Jake Gardiner Toronto Maple Leafs <center>75 <center>7 <center>23 <center>30 <center>18
F Adam Henrique New Jersey Devils <center>74 <center>16 <center>35 <center>51 <center>7
F Gabriel Landeskog Colorado Avalanche <center>82 <center>22 <center>30 <center>52 <center>51
F Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Edmonton Oilers <center>62 <center>18 <center>34 <center>52 <center>16
2012–13 G Jake Allen St. Louis Blues <center>15 <center>9 <center>4 <center>0 <center>2.46
D Jonas Brodin Minnesota Wild <center>45 <center>2 <center>9 <center>11 <center>10
D Justin Schultz Edmonton Oilers <center>48 <center>8 <center>19 <center>27 <center>8
F Brendan Gallagher Montreal Canadiens <center>44 <center>15 <center>13 <center>28 <center>33
F Jonathan Huberdeau Florida Panthers <center>48 <center>14 <center>17 <center>31 <center>18
F Brandon Saad Chicago Blackhawks <center>46 <center>10 <center>17 <center>27 <center>12
2013–14 G Frederik Andersen Anaheim Ducks <center>28 <center>20 <center>5 <center>0 <center>2.29
D Torey Krug Boston Bruins <center>79 <center>14 <center>26 <center>40 <center>28
D Hampus Lindholm Anaheim Ducks <center>78 <center>6 <center>24 <center>30 <center>36
F Tyler Johnson Tampa Bay Lightning <center>82 <center>24 <center>26 <center>50 <center>26
F Nathan MacKinnon Colorado Avalanche <center>82 <center>24 <center>39 <center>63 <center>26
F Ondrej Palat Tampa Bay Lightning <center>81 <center>23 <center>36 <center>59 <center>20
2014–15 G Jake Allen St. Louis Blues <center>37 <center>22 <center>7 <center>4 <center>2.28
D Aaron Ekblad Florida Panthers <center>81 <center>12 <center>27 <center>39 <center>32
D John Klingberg Dallas Stars <center>65 <center>11 <center>29 <center>40 <center>32
F Filip Forsberg Nashville Predators <center>82 <center>26 <center>37 <center>63 <center>24
F Johnny Gaudreau Calgary Flames <center>82 <center>24 <center>40 <center>64 <center>14
F Mark Stone Ottawa Senators <center>80 <center>26 <center>38 <center>64 <center>14
2015–16 G John Gibson Anaheim Ducks <center>40 <center>21 <center>13 <center>4 <center>2.07
D Shayne Gostisbehere Philadelphia Flyers <center>64 <center>17 <center>29 <center>46 <center>24
D Colton Parayko St. Louis Blues <center>79 <center>9 <center>24 <center>33 <center>29
F Jack Eichel Buffalo Sabres <center>81 <center>24 <center>32 <center>56 <center>22
F Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers <center>45 <center>16 <center>32 <center>48 <center>18
F Artemi Panarin Chicago Blackhawks <center>80 <center>30 <center>47 <center>77 <center>32
2016–17 G Matt Murray Pittsburgh Penguins <center>49 <center>32 <center>10 <center>4 <center>2.41
D Brady Skjei New York Rangers <center>80 <center>5 <center>34 <center>39 <center>42
D Zach Werenski Columbus Blue Jackets <center>78 <center>11 <center>36 <center>47 <center>14
F Patrik Laine Winnipeg Jets <center>73 <center>36 <center>28 <center>64 <center>26
F Mitch Marner Toronto Maple Leafs <center>77 <center>19 <center>42 <center>61 <center>38
F Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs <center>82 <center>40 <center>29 <center>69 <center>14


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