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Sociology offers a logical framework derived from studying the perceptions and interactions between the self (as a member of interlocking groups) and a social institution, such as school, media, and sports. One's sociological imagination offers some insight into how the world operates on a scale far greater than one’s individual thought can conceive.

Thus, one's troubled personal experience with discrimination in sports can be linked to but is often disconnected from, structural frameworks that led to racism. Understanding the institutional structure of the ethnic composition of the NHL is an important and challenging perspective on the culture of sports.

C Wright Mills outlines how such compositions are better understood from a sociological lens that examines issues of elite power and inequalities.

Hockey is an expensive sport with economic barriers to entry for members of disadvantaged or marginalized groups compared to other sports.

Its popularity vcities. While still lacking diversity, the NHL has made positive steps towards increasing inclusivity and regulating blatant racism.