This is a complete list of ice hockey players who were drafted in the National Hockey League Entry Draft by the St. Louis Blues franchise.

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos GP G A Pts PIM W L T OT GAA
196816Edwards, GaryGary EdwardsTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 2860774888125513.65
1968216Bennett, CurtCurt BennettTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesW 580152182334347
1969219Lowe, MikeMike LoweFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1969330Gagnon, BernieBernie GagnonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1969442Teal, VicVic TealFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 10000
1969554Glenwright, BrianBrian GlenwrightFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1969666Salmelainen, TommiTommi SalmelainenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandF
1969670Yutsyk, DaleDale YutsykFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1969773Collyard, BobBob CollyardTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 101344
1969777Pulkkinen, DavidDavid PulkkinenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 2000 0
1969880Lange, PatPat LangeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1969982Converse, JohnJohn ConverseFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
1970223Keogan, MurrayMurray KeoganFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
1970337Climie, RonRon ClimieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1970451Brooks, GordGord BrooksTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 707182537
1970565Stevens, MikeMike StevensFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1970679Moreau, ClaudeClaude MoreauFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1970785Taggart, JackJack TaggartFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1970792Marshall, TerryTerry MarshallFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19708104Tataryn, DaveDave TatarynFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 200001107.50
19709108Winograd, BobBob WinogradFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19709111Lampman, MikeMike LampmanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 9617203734
197010112Rotsch, JeffJeff RotschFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
197011113Calver, AlAl CalverFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
197012114MacDonald, GerryGerry MacDonaldFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
197013115Haines, GeraldGerald HainesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197114Carr, GeneGene CarrTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 46579136215365
1971338Garrett, JohnJohn GarrettFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 207066416891374.27
1971452Harker, DerekDerek HarkerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
1971566Gibbs, WayneWayne GibbsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1971680Doan, BernieBernie DoanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1971794Smith, DaveDave SmithFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19718108Collins, JimJim CollinsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
197219Merrick, WayneWayne MerrickTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 774191265456303
1972341Hamel, JeanJean HamelTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 6992695121766
1972457Myers, MurrayMurray MyersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1972573Johnson, DaveDave JohnsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1972689Simpson, TomTom SimpsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19727105Coughlin, BrianBrian CoughlinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19728121Winchester, GaryGary WinchesterFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
197315Davidson, JohnJohn DavidsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 30107760123124393.52
1973224Pesut, GeorgeGeorge PesutFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 9232225130
1973348Gassoff, BobBob GassoffTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Double-daggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 245114758866
1973572Laing, BillBill LaingFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1973688Smith, RandyRandy SmithFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19737104Wensink, JohnJohn WensinkTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 4037068138840
19738120Tetreault, JeanJean TetreaultFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1974226Hess, BobBob HessTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 3292795122178
1974343Buynak, GordonGordon BuynakTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 40002
1974579Zuke, MikeMike ZukeTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 45586196282220
1974587Wheldon, DonDon WheldonTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 20000
1974697Thompson, MikeMike ThompsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19747115Casey, TerryTerry CaseyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19748132Tordoff, RodRod TordoffFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19749149Touzin, PaulPaul TouzinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197410165Ahern, JackJack AhernFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
197411180Babin, MitchMitch BabinTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 80000
197412194Allan, DougDoug AllanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1975227Staniowski, EdEd StaniowskiTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 219010101067104214.06
1975236Masters, JamieJamie MastersTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 33113142
1975463Bourbonnais, RickRick BourbonnaisTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 719152429
1975581Gustafson, JimJim GustafsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
1975699Brownschidle, JackJack BrownschidleTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 49439162201151
19757117Lindskog, DougDoug LindskogFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19758135Lamby, DickDick LambyTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 2205522
19759151McNab, DavidDavid McNabFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197617Federko, BernieBernie FederkoTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:DaggerTemplate:Double-daggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 10003697611130487
1976220Sutter, BrianBrian SutterTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Double-daggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 7793033336361786
1976225Smrke, JohnJohn SmrkeTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 10311172833
1976343Kirkpatrick, JimJim KirkpatrickFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1976456Liut, MikeMike LiutTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 6640131322294271743.49
1976461Skidmore, PaulPaul SkidmoreTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 200001103.00
1976697Goddard, NelsNels GoddardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19767113Eaves, MikeMike EavesFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF 3248314322680
19768121Soguel, JacquesJacques SoguelTemplate:Country data SwitzerlandC
19769124Dornseif, DaveDave DornseifFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
197610126Wilson, BradBrad WilsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
197611128Hoene, DonDon HoeneFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
197612130Lindblom, GoranGoran LindblomFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
197613132Bales, JimJim BalesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197614134Hakansson, AndersAnders HakanssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW 330524698141
197615135Wallenius, JuhaniJuhani WalleniusFlag of Finland.svg FinlandF
197719Campbell, ScottScott CampbellTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 8042125243
1977227LaBatte, NeilNeil LaBatteTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 2602219
1977345Roulston, TomTom RoulstonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 19547499674
1977463Currie, TonyTony CurrieTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 2909211921183
1977581Hamilton, BruceBruce HamiltonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1977699McMonagle, GaryGary McMonagleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19777117Forss, MattiMatti ForssFlag of Finland.svg FinlandC
19778132Hirvonen, RaimoRaimo HirvonenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
19779147Olsson, BjornBjorn OlssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
197813Babych, WayneWayne BabychTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 519192246438498
1978339Harrison, SteveSteve HarrisonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1978572Willison, KevinKevin WillisonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1978689Nill, JimJim NillTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 5245887145854
19787106Stockman, SteveSteve StockmanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19787109MacLean, PaulPaul MacLeanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 719324349673968
19788123Houle, DenisDenis HouleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19789140Meagher, TonyTony MeagherFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19789143Simpson, RickRick SimpsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
197810157Lockhurst, JimJim LockhurstFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
197810160Froese, BobBob FroeseFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 242010109012872203.10
197810170Lerg, DanDan LergFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
197811173Siltanen, RistoRisto SiltanenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD 56290265355266
197811175Hermansson, DanDan HermanssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenF
197811181Boutin, Jean-FrancoisJean-Francois BoutinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
197811185Sullivan, JohnJohn SullivanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
197812188Menard, SergeSerge MenardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
197812191Boyd, DonDon BoydFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
197812197Stasiuk, PaulPaul StasiukFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
197812200Truntschka, GerdGerd TruntschkaTemplate:Country data GermanyC
197813203Shkurdyuk, ViktorViktor ShkurdyukTemplate:Country data RussiaF
197813205Bloomberg, CarlCarl BloombergFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
197813207Kitching, TerryTerry KitchingFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
197813209O'Connor, BrianBrian O'ConnorFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
197813210Crombeen, BrianBrian CrombeenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
197813211Pidgeon, MikeMike PidgeonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
197814214Cochrane, JohnJohn CochraneFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
197814216Casey, JoeJoe CaseyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
197814218Farrell, JimJim FarrellFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
197814220Johnson, FrankFrank JohnsonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
197814221Wheeler, BlairBlair WheelerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
197912Turnbull, PerryPerry TurnbullTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 6081881633511245
1979465Crawford, BobBob CrawfordTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 246717114272
1979586Reeds, MarkMark ReedsTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 36545114159135
19796107Leduc, GillesGilles LeducFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1980112Wilson, RikRik WilsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 251256590220
1980354Pavese, JimJim PaveseTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 328134457689
1980475Brooke, BobBob BrookeFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 4476997166520
1980596Lemieux, AlainAlain LemieuxTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 11928447238
19806117Anderson, PerryPerry AndersonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 40050591091051
19807138Hagglund, RogerRoger HagglundFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 30000
19808159Rabbit, PatPat RabbitFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19809180Lindgren, PeterPeter LindgrenFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
198010201Smyth, JohnJohn SmythFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1981120Ruff, MartyMarty RuffFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1981236Nordin, HakanHakan NordinFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
1981362Donnelly, GordGord DonnellyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 5542841692069
19815104Hickey, MikeMike HickeyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19816125Aslin, PeterPeter AslinFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenG
19817146Holmberg, ErikErik HolmbergFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenRW
19818167Vigneault, AlainAlain VigneaultTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 4225782
19819188Wood, DanDan WoodFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
198110209Zemlak, RichardRichard ZemlakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 13221214587
1982350Posavad, MikeMike PosavadTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 80000
1982592Machej, ScottScott MachejFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19826113Ganchar, PerryPerry GancharTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 42371036
19827134Gilmour, DougDoug GilmourTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:DaggerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 147445096414141301
19828155Delaney, ChrisChris DelaneyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19829176Christensen, MattMatt ChristensenFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
198210197Shumski, JohnJohn ShumskiFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
198211218Ahern, BrianBrian AhernFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
198212239Smith, PeterPeter SmithFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
1984226Benning, BrianBrian BenningTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 56863233296963
1984232Hrkac, TonyTony HrkacTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 758132239371173
1984350Ducolon, TobyToby DucolonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
1984353Dirk, RobertRobert DirkTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 402132942786
1984356Perry, AlanAlan PerryFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
1984471Herring, GrahamGraham HerringFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1984592Paluch, ScottScott PaluchFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19846113Tuttle, SteveSteve TuttleTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 14428285612
19847134Ronning, CliffCliff RonningTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 1137306563869453
19848148Porter, DonDon PorterFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19848155Vesey, JimJim VeseyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 151237
19849176Jomphe, DanielDaniel JompheFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
198410196Tilley, TomTom TilleyTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 1744384289
198411217Cupolo, MarkMark CupoloFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
198412237Lanigan, MarkMark LaniganFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1985237Raglan, HerbHerb RaglanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 343335689775
1985344Emerson, NelsonNelson EmersonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 771195293488575
1985354Desmond, NedNed DesmondFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19855100Brooks, DanDan BrooksFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19856121Burchill, RichRich BurchillFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
19857138Jablonski, PatPat JablonskiTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 128044132862183.74
19858159Brickey, ScottScott BrickeyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
19859180Urban, JeffJeff UrbanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
198510201Guidotti, VinceVince GuidottiFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198511222Saatzer, RonRon SaatzerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
198512243Jecha, DaveDave JechaFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1986110Lemieux, JocelynJocelyn LemieuxTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 5988084164740
1986231Posma, MikeMike PosmaFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1986352Hejna, TonyTony HejnaFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
1986473Featherstone, GlenGlen FeatherstoneTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 384196180939
1986587Wolak, MichaelMichael WolakFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19866115O'Toole, MikeMike O'TooleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19867136May, AndyAndy MayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19868157Skarda, RandyRandy SkardaTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 2605511
19869178Ball, MartynMartyn BallFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
198610199Thacker, RodRod ThackerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198611220MacLean, TerryTerry MacLeanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
198612234Butler, BillBill ButlerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
198612241O'Brien, DavidDavid O'BrienFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
1986S20Raus, MartyMarty RausFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1987112Osborne, KeithKeith OsborneTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 1613416
1987354Miehm, KevinKevin MiehmTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 221458
1987359Nordmark, RobertRobert NordmarkTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 236137083254
1987475Smith, DarinDarin SmithFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1987482Rymsha, AndyAndy RymshaFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 600023
19876117Robinson, RobRob RobinsonTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 220118
19877138Crabtree, ToddTodd CrabtreeFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19878159Hebert, GuyGuy HebertTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 49106622191222562.81
19879180Dumas, RobRob DumasFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198710201Marvin, DavidDavid MarvinFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198710207Cesarski, AndyAndy CesarskiFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198711222Rolfe, DanDan RolfeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198712243Savard, RayRay SavardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
198819Brind'Amour, RodRod Brind'AmourTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 148445273211841100
1988230Plavsic, AdrienAdrien PlavsicTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 214165672161
1988351Fournier, RobRob FournierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1988472Luik, JaanJaan LuikFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19885105Lacouture, DaveDave LacoutureFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19886114Fowler, DanDan FowlerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19887135Hayes, MattMatt HayesFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19888156McCoy, JohnJohn McCoyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
19889177Twist, TonyTony TwistTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 4451018281121
198810198Hedican, BretBret HedicanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 103955239294893
198811219DeBoer, HeathHeath DeBoerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198812240Francis, MichaelMichael FrancisFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
1988S14McNeill, MikeMike McNeillFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 635111618
198919Marshall, JasonJason MarshallTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 5261651671004
1989231Corriveau, RickRick CorriveauFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1989355Felsner, DennyDenny FelsnerTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 181456
1989593Laperriere, DanielDaniel LaperriereTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 4825727
19896114Roberts, DavidDavid RobertsTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 12520335385
19896124Frenette, DerekDerek FrenetteFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19897135Batters, JeffJeff BattersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19898156Plager, KevinKevin PlagerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
19899177Roderick, JohnJohn RoderickFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198910198Valo, JohnJohn ValoFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
198911219Lukowski, BrianBrian LukowskiFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
1989S14Tustian, RobRob TustianFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1990233Johnson, CraigCraig JohnsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW 5577598173260
1990354Tardif, PatricePatrice TardifTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 657111878
1990596Ruff, JasonJason RuffTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 1433610
19906117Miller, KurtisKurtis MillerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19907138Conlan, WayneWayne ConlanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
19909180Duffus, ParrisParris DuffusFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 100000002.07
199010201Widmeyer, SteveSteve WidmeyerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
199011222Hawley, JoeJoe HawleyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
199012243Fleming, JoeJoe FlemingFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
1990S16Sarjeant, GeoffGeoff SarjeantTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 801141214.12
1991227Staios, SteveSteve StaiosFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 1001561642201322
1991364Reeves, KyleKyle ReevesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1991365LaFayette, NathanNathan LaFayetteTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 187172037103
1991487Reid, GraydenGrayden ReidFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19915109Callinan, JeffJeff CallinanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
19916131Gardiner, BruceBruce GardinerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 312345488263
19917153Hollinger, TerryTerry HollingerTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 70002
19918175Kenady, ChrisChris KenadyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 70220
19919197Fiebelkorn, JedJed FiebelkornFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
199110219MacKenzie, ChrisChris MacKenzieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
199111241Rappana, KevinKevin RappanaFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
199112263Veisor, MikeMike VeisorFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
1991S27McKee, ChrisChris McKeeFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
1992238Korolev, IgorIgor KorolevTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data RussiaC 795119227346330
1992362Karamnov, VitaliVitali KaramnovTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data RussiaLW 9212203265
1992364Prokhorov, VitaliVitali ProkhorovTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data RussiaLW 8319113035
1992486Leslie, LeeLee LeslieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19926134Lachance, BobBob LachanceFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
19927158Laperriere, IanIan LaperriereTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 10831212153361956
19927160Burns, LanceLance BurnsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19928180Boldin, IgorIgor BoldinTemplate:Country data RussiaC
19928182Naumenko, NickNick NaumenkoFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19929206Harris, ToddTodd HarrisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
199210230Gunko, YuriYuri GunkoTemplate:Country data UkraineD
199211259Salzman, WadeWade SalzmanFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
1993237Bets, MaximMaxim BetsTemplate:Country data RussiaLW 30000
1993363Rivers, JamieJamie RiversTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 454174966385
1993489Mayers, JamalJamal MayersTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 915901292191200
19936141Kelman, ToddTodd KelmanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19937167Buzak, MikeMike BuzakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19938193Boguniecki, EricEric BogunieckiTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 178344276105
19939219Grier, MikeMike GrierFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 1060162221383510
199310245Prochazka, LiborLibor ProchazkaFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD
199311271Vasilevski, AlexanderAlexander VasilevskiTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data UkraineRW 40002
199311275Olsson, ChristerChrister OlssonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 564121624
1994368Roy, StephaneStephane RoyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1994494Harlton, TylerTyler HarltonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19945120Frylen, EdvinEdvin FrylenFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
19947172Vopat, RomanRoman VopatTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC 13361420253
19948198Noble, SteveSteve NobleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19949224Stephan, MarcMarc StephanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
199410250Harper, KevinKevin HarperFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
199411276Fankhouser, ScottScott FankhouserFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 23000641223.31
1995249Hecht, JochenJochen HechtTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data GermanyLW 833186277463458
1995375Roche, ScottScott RocheFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19954101Handzus, MichalMichal HandzusTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaC 1009185298483498
19955127Ambrosio, JeffJeff AmbrosioFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19956153Hamel, DenisDenis HamelFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 19219123177
19957179Grand-Pierre, Jean-LucJean-Luc Grand-PierreFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 26971320311
19958205Bekar, DerekDerek BekarTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 110006
19959209Zabransky, LiborLibor ZabranskyTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD 4016750
1996114Reasoner, MartyMarty ReasonerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 79897169266379
1996367Dwyer, GordieGordie DwyerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 108055394
1996495Zukiwsky, JonathanJonathan ZukiwskyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1996497Petrakov, AndreiAndrei PetrakovTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
19966159Wagner, StephenStephen WagnerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19967169Corso, DanielDaniel CorsoTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 7714112520
19967177Low, ReedReed LowTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 25631619725
19968196Podkonicky, AndrejAndrej PodkonickyFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaLW 81012
19968203Hutchins, TonyTony HutchinsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesF
19969229Shafranov, KonstantinKonstantin ShafranovTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data KazakhstanRW 52130
1997240Rennette, TylerTyler RennetteFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1997486Tremblay, DidierDidier TremblayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1997498Horacek, JanJan HoracekFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD
19974106Pollock, JameJame PollockTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 90006
19976149Bilotto, NicholasNicholas BilottoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19977177Nagy, LadislavLadislav NagyTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaLW 435115196311358
19978206Haglund, BobbyBobby HaglundFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
19979232Plekhanov, DmitriDmitri PlekhanovTemplate:Country data RussiaD
19979244Ivan, MarekMarek IvanFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC
1998124Backman, ChristianChristian BackmanTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 302235679182
1998241Linnik, MaximMaxim LinnikTemplate:Country data UkraineD
1998383Walker, MattMatt WalkerTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 31442630464
19986157Voth, BradBrad VothFlag of Canada.svg CanadaW
19986170Troschinsky, AndreiAndrei TroschinskyTemplate:Country data KazakhstanC
19987197Twordik, BradBrad TwordikFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19988225Pastukh, YevgenyYevgeny PastukhTemplate:Country data UkraineLW
19989255Pohl, JohnJohn PohlTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 11517213824
1999117Jackman, BarretBarret JackmanTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 803281531811026
1999385Smrek, PeterPeter SmrekTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaD 2824618
19994114Starling, ChadChad StarlingFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19995143Byrne, TrevorTrevor ByrneFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
19996180Vikingstad, ToreTore VikingstadTemplate:Country data NorwayC
19997203Osaer, PhilPhil OsaerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG
19998221Hemingway, ColinColin HemingwayTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 30000
19998232Khavanov, AlexanderAlexander KhavanovTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data RussiaD 3482775102233
19999260McMeekin, BrianBrian McMeekinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19999270Desmarais, JamesJames DesmaraisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2000130Taffe, JeffJeff TaffeFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 18021254640
2000265Morisset, DavidDavid MorissetFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 40005
2000375Papineau, JustinJustin PapineauTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 811181912
2000396Bergeron, AntoineAntoine BergeronFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20004129Riddle, TroyTroy RiddleFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
20005167Weller, CraigCraig WellerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 9541014127
20007229Lutes, BrettBrett LutesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20008261Divis, ReinhardReinhard DivisTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data AustriaG 28000269213.32
20009293Kinos, LauriLauri KinosFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
2001257McClement, JayJay McClementTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 76482143225283
2001389Nissinen, TuomasTuomas NissinenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandG
20014122Valeev, IgorIgor ValeevTemplate:Country data RussiaLW
20015159Semin, DmitriDmitri SeminTemplate:Country data RussiaC
20016190Scheffelmaier, BrettBrett ScheffelmaierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20018253Cajanek, PetrPetr CajanekTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicC 26946107153144
20019270Jacobsen, GrantGrant JacobsenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20019283Skoog, SimonSimon SkoogFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
2002248Shkotov, AlexeiAlexei ShkotovTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
2002262Mikhnov, AndreiAndrei MikhnovTemplate:Country data UkraineC
2002389Troliga, TomasTomas TroligaFlag of Slovakia.svg SlovakiaLW
20024120Jonsson, RobinRobin JonssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
20025165Maiser, JustinJustin MaiserFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
20026190King, D. J.D. J. KingTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaW 1184711215
20027221Johnson, JonasJonas JohnsonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC
20028253Koivisto, TomTom KoivistoTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD 2224610
20029284MacMurchy, RyanRyan MacMurchyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
2003130Belle, ShawnShawn BelleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 200112
2003262Backes, DavidDavid BackesTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 648185230415886
2003384Barulin, KonstantinKonstantin BarulinTemplate:Country data RussiaG
2003388Fitzgerald, ZackZack FitzgeraldFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 10000
20033101Zakharov, KonstantinKonstantin ZakharovTemplate:Country data BelarusRW
20034127Bolduc, AlexandreAlexandre BolducFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 6523544
20035148Stempniak, LeeLee StempniakTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 708165204369253
20035159Beckford-Tseu, ChrisChris Beckford-TseuTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 100000002.22
20036189Lehun, JonathanJonathan LehunFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20037221Skachkov, EvgenyEvgeny SkachkovTemplate:Country data RussiaW
20038253Pervyshin, AndreiAndrei PervyshinTemplate:Country data RussiaD
20039284Aaltonen, JuhamattiJuhamatti AaltonenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandRW
2004117Schwarz, MarekMarek SchwarzTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicG 600000204.32
2004249Soderberg, CarlCarl SoderbergFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC 16129659468
2004383Alexandrov, ViktorViktor AlexandrovTemplate:Country data KazakhstanRW
20044116Birner, MichalMichal BirnerFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicLW
20045136Nikitin, NikitaNikita NikitinTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data RussiaD 24817587577
20046180Polak, RomanRoman PolakTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicD 480187088367
20047211Fredriksson, DavidDavid FredrikssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenW
20049277Boutin, Jonathan MichelJonathan Michel BoutinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
2005124Oshie, T. J.T. J. OshieTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW 443110200310239
2005237Jackson, ScottScott JacksonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 10000
2005385Bishop, BenBen BishopTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesG 170066129544162.37
20055156Reaves, RyanRyan ReavesTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaW 275171734523
20056169Gauthier, MikeMike GauthierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20056171Drazenovic, NickNick DrazenovicTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 120006
20057219Lemtyugov, NikolaiNikolai LemtyugovTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
200611Johnson, ErikErik JohnsonTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 45648145193301
2006125Berglund, PatrikPatrik BerglundTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC 513118129247164
2006231Kana, TomasTomas KanaFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicRW 60222
2006364Junland, JonasJonas JunlandTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 40222
2006494Turek, RyanRyan TurekFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20064106Berra, RetoReto BerraTemplate:Country data SwitzerlandG 500002142242.94
20065124Sackrison, AndyAndy SackrisonFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
20066154McCollem, MatthewMatthew McCollemFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
20067184Hellstrom, AlexanderAlexander HellstromFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
2007113Eller, LarsLars EllerTemplate:Hash-tagTemplate:Country data DenmarkC 3636070130273
2007118Cole, IanIan ColeTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 187102939149
2007126Perron, DavidDavid PerronTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Canada.svg CanadaW 499129167296384
2007239Hjalmarsson, SimonSimon HjalmarssonFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenLW
2007244Palushaj, AaronAaron PalushajFlag of the United States.svg United StatesW 683111418
2007385Sonne, BrettBrett SonneFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2007496Fairchild, CadeCade FairchildTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 50110
20074100Erstad, TravisTravis ErstadFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
20076160Peluso, AnthonyAnthony PelusoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 107369165
20077190Nill, TrevorTrevor NillFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
200814Pietrangelo, AlexAlex PietrangeloTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 38644174218133
2008233McRae, PhilipPhilip McRaeTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC 151232
2008234Allen, JakeJake AllenTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 520222311142.33
2008365Lehtera, JoriJori LehteraTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Finland.svg FinlandC 7514304448
2008370Livingston, JamesJames LivingstonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
2008387Schultz, IanIan SchultzFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
2008495Warsofsky, DavidDavid WarsofskyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD 101230
20085125Berglund, KristoferKristofer BerglundFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD
20086155Nigro, AnthonyAnthony NigroFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20087185Karpowich, PaulPaul KarpowichFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
2009117Rundblad, DavidDavid RundbladFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenD 1044192324
2009248Ponich, BrettBrett PonichFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
2009378Andronov, SergeiSergei AndronovTemplate:Country data RussiaRW
20094108Shattock, TylerTyler ShattockFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
20096168Shields, DavidDavid ShieldsFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
20097202Tardy, MaxMax TardyFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
2010114Schwartz, JadenJaden SchwartzTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 207627313547
2010116Tarasenko, VladimirVladimir TarasenkoTemplate:Up-arrowTemplate:Country data RussiaRW 179666913557
2010244Wannstrom, SebastianSebastian WannstromFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenC
2010374Gardiner, MaxMax GardinerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesC
20104104Hakanpaa, JaniJani HakanpaaFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
20105134Beach, CodyCody BeachFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
20106164Macaulay, StephenStephen MacaulayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
2011232Rattie, TyTy RattieTemplate:Up-arrowFlag of Canada.svg CanadaW 130222
2011241Jaskin, DmitrijDmitrij JaskinFlag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech RepublicW
2011246Edmundson, JoelJoel EdmundsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
2011388Binnington, JordanJordan BinningtonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
20114102Veilleux, YannickYannick VeilleuxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20115132Lundstrom, NiklasNiklas LundstromFlag of Sweden.svg SwedenG
20116162Tesink, RyanRyan TesinkFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
20117192Eronen, TeemuTeemu EronenFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD
2012125Schmaltz, JordanJordan SchmaltzFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
2012256Kurker, SamSam KurkerFlag of the United States.svg United StatesRW
2012367MacEachern, MackenzieMackenzie MacEachernFlag of the United States.svg United StatesLW
2012386Parayko, ColtonColton ParaykoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20124116Walters, NicholasNicholas WaltersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20125146Tremblay, FrancoisFrancois TremblayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
20126176Lindbohm, PetteriPetteri LindbohmTemplate:Hash-tagFlag of Finland.svg FinlandD 2321326
20127206Seaman, TyrelTyrel SeamanFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
2013247Vannelli, ThomasThomas VannelliFlag of the United States.svg United StatesD
2013257Carrier, WilliamWilliam CarrierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20134112Pochiro, ZachZach PochiroFlag of the United States.svg